Trailers of the Week: Goodnight Mommy, Gutsy, and More

Plus, Jason Momoa in the dreamy world of Slumberland

Here are some trailers that caught our attention this week…

Goodnight Mommy 

Prime Video 
Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

Goodnight Mommy is a remake of a 2014 Austrian psychological horror film revolving around twin brothers visiting their mother whose face is hidden in bandages. The twins quickly suspect something is off, and as the oddities with their mother's behavior continue, the boys learn chilling details about the person behind the bandages. Goodnight Mommy will begin streaming on Prime Video on Sept. 16. 


Apple TV+
Trailer Agency: Workshop Creative

This uplifting trailer follows Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as they travel around the country, meeting some of the gutsiest women in the world and talking about what they had to overcome to get to where they are. These women are all bold, brave, and most important, have a strong presence in this world and fight daily to make a difference. Gutsy premiers Sept. 9. 

The Handmaid's Tale

Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group 

Exciting sneak peeks of The Handmaid's Tale promise that the upcoming Season 5 will be filled with surprises and excitement. Last season June dealt with the Commander responsible for all the mayhem, but this trailer hints at new chaos headed her way.


Disney +
Trailer Agency: Ignition 

In this magical new trailer for Pinocchio, we get a feel for how this very famous puppet is brought to life and seeks out a life of adventure. The visual effects of this trailer are stunning as this beloved classic comes to life. Pinocchio will begin streaming Sept. 8.


Trailer Agency: Rogue Planet 

This dreamy trailer features a tale about a young girl hoping to see her late father again, and a discovered dreamworld where anything is possible is just the place to go searching. Jason Momoa stars as the Slumberland outlaw that helps guide the girl on her journey through this magical world. Slumberland will be in theaters Nov. 24.

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