Trailers of the Week: The Genie, Occupied City and The Crown

Plus The Boys in the Boat and Lisa Frankenstein

The Boys in the Boat
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

The Boys in the Boat is a biographical sports drama, based on Daniel James Brown's book. The trailer introduces George Clooney's masterful direction of an impressive ensemble cast, depicting the epic journey of the U.S. rowing team in the 1936 Summer Olympics. The race begins on Dec. 25.

The Crown, Season 6
Trailer Agency: Empire Design

For the historical drama's final season, the creative team, cast and crew return with 10 more episodes. The trailer focuses on the life of Princess Diana and her legacy. Don't miss it, starting on Nov. 16.

Trailer Agency: Aspect

There's holiday magic afoot as Melissa McCarthy plays the titular genie. She aids a struggling family man, played by Paapa Essiedu. Fall under its spell on Nov. 22.

Lisa Frankenstein
Focus Features
Trailer Agency: GrandSon Creative

An updating of the chilling Victorian classic. This one's set in the MTV-driven teen world of the 1980s. There's passion, murder ... and a quest to find love and purpose. It's alive! on Feb. 9.

Occupied City
Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates

A documentary based on Bianca Stigter's book. The trailer transports us to 1940s Amsterdam for an intense wartime tale. Learn more on Dec. 25.

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