Trailers of the Week: Borderlands, Challengers, Deadpool & Wolverine

Plus Shirley and Longlegs

Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week...

Deadpool & Wolverine 
Marvel Entertainment
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

Following 2018's Deadpool 2, this marks the 34th movie in the Marvel Universe. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman reprise their superhero roles in a hilarious, exciting and heartfelt sequel. The next chapter beings on July 26. (The teaser itself is already a humongous hit, with 24 million views on YouTube alone!)

Trailer Agency: Create

The best-selling space-Western video game franchise goes Hollywood. Saddle up for a colorful, action-packed adventure co-written and directed by Eli Roth (Death Wish, Thanksgiving) and brought to life by an impressive ensemble cast lead by Cate Blanchett. This one arrives on Aug. 9.

Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions

Legendary director Luca Guadagnino's new project is just around the corner. It's a complex comedy-drama about a tennis coach, played by Zendaya (Euphoria, Spider-Man), prepping for a match against her former lover. Find out what happens on April 26.

Trailer Agency: AV Squad

Be prepared to be scared in Oz Perkins' new supernatural horror flick. We venture back to the 1970s, where a young detective reluctantly takes on an unsolved murder case that turns personal. Drops in July.

Trailer Agency: GrandSon Creative

Award-winning actress Regina King portrays the first Black U.S. Congresswoman in a story written and directed by John Ridley. The film follows the icon's 1972 campaign for the White House. Look for it in March.

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