Trailers of the Week: Bodkin, Cuckoo and Unfrosted

Plus Under the Bridge and Them: The Scare

Here are some trailers that caught our eye this week...

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

Decades of secrets simmer beneath the surface of Bodkin, Ireland. Three podcasters investigate in this limited dark-comedy series. Watch the first episode on May 9.

Trailer Agency: AV Squad

A teenager (Hunter Schafer) moves to Germany to be with her dad. Soon, she's caught in a web of mystery and danger. From writer-director Tilman Singer (El Fin Del Mundo, Luz). Drops in August.

Them: The Scare
Prime Video
Trailer Agency: Zealot

In the latest season of the horror anthology show, our fave L.A. detectives tackle a fresh case: the violent death of a foster mom. Watch them peal away the layers on April 25.

Under the Bridge
Trailer Agency: Create

An 8-ep true crime drama based on Rebecca Godfrey's book. We return to 1997 and investigate the murder of 14-year-old Reena Virk. The case unfolds on April 17.

Trailer Agency: Level Up AV

Loosely based on the creation of Pop-Tarts, Jerry Seinfeld’s directorial debut transports us to 1963 as Kellogg's and Post battle for America's breakfast taste buds. Jerry stars with Melissa McCarthy and Hugh Grant. Laugh out loud on May 3.

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