Trailers of the Week: Beauty, Not Okay, and More

Plus, a look at Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Here are some trailers that caught our attention this week… 


Trailer Agency: GrandSon

The trailer for the film Beauty shows a fierce young Black woman as she tries to keep her voice strong after signing a contract with a record label. This young star is going to be pushed to new depths doing what she loves. Beauty will begin streaming on Netflix on June 29.

Not Okay

Searchlight Pictures
Trailer Agency: Motive 

In the new trailer for Not Okay, we see how one little lie can turn into a web of lies that leads the entire world to turn against Dani Sanders. After faking Instagram posts to gain followers, she soon finds that her lies are catching up with her. Not Okay will be on Hulu on July 29.

Mack & Rita

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park

In the adorable new teaser for the film Mack & Rita, we are charmed into watching Mack Martin, a 30-year-old woman, become the 70-year-old she always knew she was … literally. Mack Martin is on a mission to embrace her new life as well as keeping up with her old life. Mack & Rita will be in theaters Aug. 12.

Legacy: The True Story Of The LA Lakers 

Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most popular sports teams in the world, but now we are getting the most candid and exclusive information coming straight from those who helped the Lakers rise. This new trailer features interviews with some of the most well known Lakers players, coaches and executives as they give the inside scoop on what makes them so successful. This 10-part documentary will begin streaming on Hulu soon. 

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

HBO Max 
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN 

In the chilling new trailer for Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, we get a new sneak-peak that has us excited to see what this new set of liars are hiding. Even though they are miles away from Rosewood, this new generation is stuck being tormented by a new anonymous stalker that is making them pay for their sins. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will begin streaming on HBO Max on July 28. 

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