Trailers of the Week: America the Beautiful, Persuasion, and More

Plus, the Season 2 trailer for Only Murders in the Building

Here are some trailers that caught our attention this week…

America the Beautiful

Trailer Agency: Aspect 

In the epic trailer for the series America the Beautiful, we catch a glimpse of all the beauty and diversity of the wildlife that stretches across this great continent. The beautiful scenery, filled with wildlife both big and small, is wonderfully captured. America the Beautiful will begin streaming on Disney+ on July 4. 


Trailer Agency: Open Road 

Sparks are flying in the new trailer for Persuasion, as a woman has to decide if she should let the past stay in the past or if she should rekindle an old romance. This new Netflix film is adapted from Jane Austen’s novel and stars Dakota Johnson and Cosmo Jarvis. Persuasion will be on Netflix on July 15.

Only Murders in the Building 

Trailer Agency: Create 

We finally have a sneak peak for the second season of Only Murders in the Building, and it does not disappoint! After the trio become the topic of a competing crime podcast, and all their neighbors are convinced of their guilt, they make it their mission to tie up loose ends to clear their name. Only Murders in the Building will be released on Hulu on June 28. 


Universal Pictures 
Trailer Agency: Creature Street

All Emerald and Daniel Haywood need is a money shot of their chilling new discovery; however, it is going to be harder than they thought. The new trailer promises that all the excitement about Nope will be worth the wait. Nope will be in theaters July 22.

Hot Seat 

Trailer Agency: N/A 

A former hacker is blackmailed by a caller to commit an insane cyber robbery, all while sitting on a chair strapped with a miltary-style bomb attached to the bottom of it. The trailer for Hot Seat is intense, and has us waiting to see how precious time truly is. 

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