Trailers of the Week: Ambulance, Roar, The Staircase, and More

Plus, head to the ocean with The Sea Beast

Here are some of the trailers that caught our eye this week...


Universal Pictures 
Trailer Agency: Inside Job

This adrenaline-pumping trailer for Michael Bay's new film Ambulance captures the high-intensity chase of two brothers after a bank heist gone wrong, leading them to steal an ambulance with a wounded cop in the back. Check out this explosive trailer to sneak a peek at Ambulance before it hits theaters April 8.


Apple TV+
Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

From bestselling author Celcia Ahern, Roar is set for eight episodes exploring different challenges women face. The trailer gives us a brief look into how each episode will be brought to life through magical realism that will captivate your screen. Check out Roar when it premieres April 15.

The Staircase

Trailer Agency: HBO In-House 

Based on a true story, drama miniseries The Staircase investigates husband Michael Peterson after his wife mysteriously dies. The trailer starts off emotional, but quickly soars to suspense as it raises the question, who exactly is Michael Peterson? The Staircase will be available for streaming May 5. 

The Offer 

Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones 
The Offer, another drama miniseries, gives a rare look into film producer Albert S. Ruddy’s journey creating The Godfather and all the chaos that came with it. This trailer has us counting down the days until we can stream The Offer on April 28.

The Sea Beast

Trailer Agency: Zealot 

The Sea Beast, a new animated family adventure from Netflix, takes us on an adventure filled with sea monsters and sea hunters. This preview sets the tone for an exciting off-the-map thrill coming July 8.

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