From Top Gun to Tenet, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Some cheer, and some chills, this holiday season

Hollywood was full of holiday treats this week. We got a more in-depth look into Top Gun: Maverick, and 30 years later, Tom Cruise, back in the bomber jacket, can still take our breath away. Pixar has a similar effect. Onward looks like an adventure well worth the wait. 

It wouldn't be the holidays without a little horror, which A24 was happy to provide. Get ready, because this one's extra creepy. Speaking of creeps, you've got to check out the trailer for the new season of You. It'll make you grateful for your own lousy dating experiences just as the trailer for Good Trouble will make you appreciate the lack of drama in your own life.

For the bow on top, we got the first look at Tenet, Christopher Nolan's new mindbender. What more could we wish for?

Here are some of the notable trailers and posters. Enjoy the presents Hollywood had to offer. Happy holidays! 

Top Gun: Maverick

Paramount Pictures
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: Concept Arts 

The new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick is a rush of nostalgia mixed with just enough story to spark a desire for what's to come. The editing and sound design, blended with fades to black, drive the anticipation like a cutting F-14. All this combined with the classic score—and inevitable beach volleyball shots. It will have you reminiscing the need for speed. Check out the new poster as well. #Classic. Maverick returns to theaters on June 26.


Disney Studios & Pixar
Trailer Agency: Giaronomo
Poster Agency: Leroy & Rose

The trailer for Onward is as magical as the story itself. It's funny; it welcomes you into this fantastical world—giving a slight taste of the characters and plot. I look forward to seeing what the brilliant minds at Pixar have dreamed up this time. Also, see the fun new character posters released this week. See Onward on March 6.

Saint Maud

Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

A24 is back at its horror mastery. I genuinely brace myself before watching their horror trailers, and this one didn't disappoint. It's a brilliant concoction of story, confusion, intrigue, discomfort and terror boiled into the perfect brew. One you won't soon forget—all hail Saint Maud next spring.

Good Trouble  

Trailer Agency: AV Squad

The trailer for the new season of Good Trouble has arrived. It has drama, romance, the next-gen of young urban professionals, and it also has some exceptional shots of Los Angeles. I dig the music choice. It nicely drives the action along. Good Trouble returns Jan. 15. 


Trailer Agency: GrandSon

Bravo on this one! The trailer for the new season of You hits all the creep factors, while somehow still tugging at our heartstrings. My two favorite components: Obviously, the song selection—the breathy cover of "Creep" is on-point and haunting. I also loved the editing, especially near the end, where it cuts like a blinking eye. You returns Dec. 26.


Warner Bros. 
Trailer Agency: JAX
Poster Agency: BOND

The trailer for Tenet is a cinematic experience. You couldn't ask for more explosive sound design; it'll blow you away! The visuals are stunning. The editing is quick and will leave your head spinning, just as Nolan prefers it. The key art has the same effect. It's also worth noting the line of copy at the end of the trailer, "See the trailer in theaters for the maximum effect." This trailer was designed for theater screens and surround sound capacity. Seeing it as intended is an experience in itself. Some pieces deserve the full cinematic experience, and I hope that never goes away. See Tenet on July 17.

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