Telefilm Canada Crafts Emotional Ode to Going to the Movies

Director X and No Fixed Address help country's cinema industry recover

Telefilm Canada, which works to boost the nation's motion-picture industry, frames going to the movies as an almost spiritual, shared experience in a campaign created by No Fixed Address and director LeSean Harris.

Another filmmaker, Director X—given name: Julien Christian Lutz—stars in this two-minute anthem spot, which he also narrates:

Telefilm Canada - Feel again at a theatre near you

"People have forgotten that going to the movies is about more than just watching," Director X begins. "It's the buzz, before and after. The anticipation. And the ritual before the show. It's the excitement that builds, as the lights dim low. The big screen, and the even bigger emotions. The powerful sound of someone else's story—and seeing yourself reflected in it."

He adds: "It's experiencing something beyond your imagination, and the way it makes you feel like a kid again."

Toronto-born X has helmed music videos for Drake, Justin Bieber and Jay-Z, plus TV shows and features, so his presence adds gravitas and star power. And he lays down a rich, persuasive pitch. It's as if a fellow patron or good friend chose to share words of wisdom before the movie magic begins.

As he speaks, we watch folks enjoy a night out at their neighborhood cinema. We get visual references to Hollywood genres, and an old-school call-out to cult favorite The Rocky Horror Picture Show, famous for inspiring audience participation.

The narrative employs X's movie memories and input from fans—collected this spring via social media—to inform its story. There's a neat cross-generational mentoring aspect, too, as seasoned pro X collaborated with up-and-comer Harris on creative development.

"I remember going to see Wedding Crashers. It was sold out, the place was packed, and the laughter couldn't be contained," X says in campaign materials. "The filmmaker in me began looking around and felt something profound: All these strangers are in this massive theater but sharing a singular experience and having a great time. The audience was feeding off one another—it was funnier together, more enjoyable together. You can only get that experience in theaters."

Working with Harris, X's "dynamic visual style and music video experience really helped the commercial come alive with color, sound and music, beautifully mirroring the message," agency partner and chief creative officer Jack Latulippe tells Muse.

Dubbed "Feel Again at a Theater Near You," the push seeks to revive an industry that's endured a 40 percent decline in attendance since pre-pandemic days. It broke this week at the Toronto International Film Festival, with elements running across TV, digital and OOH media.


Telefilm Canada - Feel Again

Client: Telefilm Canada
Interim Chief Executive Officer - Francesca Accinelli
Director of Communications & Marketing - Andrea Archibald
Brand Specialist - Karine Ouellet

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Director of Operations - Petra Simpson
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VP Creative Technology - Darrin Patey
Front End Developer - Activis
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Production Company: Fela
Director – LeSean Harris
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