The Stars of Broad City Talk Poop Equity in MiraLAX Ad

Gutsy move from two very funny ladies

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City fame reunite for brunch to talk shit about constipation in a 3-minute video for MiraLAX.

The sketch riffs on a Bayer study that found women are twice as likely as men to poop less than three times a week. Stress is a probable cause, and since these ladies are no strangers to bathroom humor, they were tapped to explain the "gut gap." Per the survey, nearly half (47 percent) of women experience stress on a daily basis and 84 percent feel stressed at least once a week.

When Abbi barely touches her food, Ilana gets to the bottom things.

Initially, Abbi—who's constipated—ducks the discussion. Then she learns about the "gut gap."

"So, even my gut is sexist?" she moans. As if the wage gap wasn't crappy enough!

Ilana goes full brand champion, explaining that she staves off tummy trouble by taking MiraLAX on the regular.

The video, written by Glazer and Jacobson and developed with Energy BBDO, will run on digital, social, broadcast and at

"Abbi and Ilana are dream partners for this campaign and are as invested in its success as we are," Dana Valentino, marketing director, digestive health, Bayer Consumer Health, tells Muse. "They believed in the message we wanted to convey and worked collaboratively to ensure that the scripts were both informative yet authentic to their comedic voices, understanding that's what will ultimately resonate best with their passionate fanbase."

"Letting them take the reigns with the script and many aspects of production resulted in creative that we’re all very proud of, and seeing how their fans, most of whom are millennial women, connect with it speaks to the benefit of authentic partnerships."

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