Sour Patch Kids Wreck a Gingerbread House in a 25-Minute Video on Amazon Prime

A more destructive take on the classic Yule Log

Now that we've gotten past the sugary sweet Christmas fare and veered into less wholesome territory (thanks, Anomaly), it's time to check out the new holiday video from Sour Patch Kids. 

This time last year, the Kids were decapitating gingerbread men (and turning the heads into ornaments, which was supposed to be sweet, but if you think about it, was kind of Game of Thrones like) in a 15-second spot. Now, they're significantly upping the ante—both in time and destruction. 

The five colorful sour-then-sweet buddies star in a new spot from Barton F. Graf that shows them destroying a gingerbread house. And they take their time to do it right. The spot is 25 minutes long and was made in partnership season with Amazon Prime Video, where it is now airing.

Here is the trailer for "Wreck the Hall," showing some of the highlights from the longer video in just 90 seconds: 

Sour Patch Kids | Wreck the Halls trailer

The 25-minute video was shot all in one take, with real mini-excavators and a gingerbread house made by food stylist Marisol Morely. The Sour Patch Kids make appearances here and there—added by animation company My Active Driveway. 

The idea is to play the video instead of the traditional Yule log. There's certainly more to look at, and kids in particular will probably enjoy the wanton destruction. (For a more grownup Yule experience, Nick Offerman's Lagavulin video is still onlune, too.) 

Here's the full "Wreck the Halls" video, if you have a free half hour right now: 

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Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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