From Sonic the Hedgehog to The Handmaid's Tale, See This Week's New Trailers and Posters

Plus, George Clooney and Deadwood are both back

This week in entertainment marketing, we saw speeding hedgehogs, wrongfully convicted heroes, George Clooney's series return, and teenagers running the world (gasp). It's been an adventurous week!

Here's a look back at some of the notable trailers and posters we saw this week.

Murder Mystery 

Agency: MOCEAN

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are teaming up again for the new Netflix original comedy Murder Mystery. The duo play an American couple setting who get framed with murder while on a European adventure. Find out who did it on June 14. 

Brian Banks

Agency: Aspect

Brian Banks, a new movie from Bleeker Street Films, explores the true story of a high school football star who was headed for the NFL until his career was derailed after he was accused of a crime he didn't commit. See the inspiring story of a man who refused to give up, this August.


Agency: Workshop Creative

George Clooney is returning to the small screen for the new Hulu limited series Catch-22. Based on the Joseph Heller novel, the story explores the challenges and morality of war. Besides co-starring, Clooney also serves as an executive producer, and he directed two of the episodes. The series also stars Kyle Chandler and Christopher Abbott. 

I know, I had you at George Clooney. Tune in May 17.


Agency: HBO in-house

The HBO classic is finally getting a movie treatment. And yes, Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker and Ian McShane are all returning to reprise their infamous roles. Get your popcorn ready. Deadwood returns to HBO on May 31. 

Sonic the Hedgehog

Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: BLT Communications

Guess who's speeding onto the big screen this November?! That's right, Sonic the Hedgehog is stepping out of the Sega game and into his very own movie. Did I mention Jim Carrey is playing Dr. Ivo Robotnik? Talk about casting perfection. In the meantime, get down with the dope beats in the fun new trailer. The more times you watch it, the more rings you get. Kidding! But seriously, check it out.

The Society

Agency: Trailer Park

Be prepared to enter an alternate universe run by TEENAGERS! That's exactly the nightmare a group of suburban teens experience in the new Netflix original series, The Society. After being transported to a world that looks just like their own, minus the adults, this group of teens must seek order and vie for power. Experience the horror for yourself on May 10. 

The Handmaid's Tale

Agency: Wild Card

The Season 3 trailer for Hulu's hit series The Handmaid's Tale has arrived, and things are looking intense. The resistance is back, and a revolution is on the horizon. Who will survive, and who will fall? The anticipation is maddening. June 5 can't arrive soon enough!

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