This Smashing Effort From DC Universe Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

Create your own 'DC word'

You don't have to be a superhero to celebrate diversity and inclusion. 

DC Universe, the subscription streaming service for content featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and other DC stars, makes that abundantly clear with its "Summer Word Smash." 

Devised with ad agency Phenomenon, the multifaceted campaign invents "DC words" referring to LGBT rights and strong women characters. Such terms are formed by smashing together one word that ends with a D, and another that starts with a C. 

For example, the hand-painted West Hollywood mural below shows gay characters Midnighter and Apollo sharing a kiss, along with the line, "ProuDCommunity." 

This next mural, from Brooklyn, depicts Wonder Woman with the line "ChallengeDConvention." 

More murals are on the way for New York and L.A., along with billboards, wild postings and metro cards. In San Diego, the campaign took over airport terminals, with bus wraps and pedi-cab makeovers all around town.

Fans are invited to participate through an online word creator—er, WorDCreator—where they can upload terms and photos. Social and display ads are also in the mix. 

Of late, DC has earned praise for crafting socially progressive storylines, and affirmed its commitment to the cause, so this EnlighteneDCampaign feels unforced and on-brand. 

See more images from the campaign below. 


Client: DC Entertainment
Agency: Phenomenon
CEO: Krish Menon
Chief Creative Officer: Linda Knight
Creative Director: Ted Kapusta
Creative Director: Armando Samuels
Creative Director: Anthony Alvarez
Sr Art Director: Christian Silva
Sr Copywriter: Alvaro Soto
Sr Art Director: Goran Krstic
Sr Art Director: Nic Brenden
Art Director: Julie Soluri
Copywriter: Katelyn Murray
Jr Copywriter: Daniel Azneer
Group Brand Director: Tara Mellett
Brand Director: Kali Cushing
Brand Supervisor: Benjamin Ortega
Brand Manager: Maura Klondar
Chief Strategy Officer: Jason De Turris
Group Strategy Director: Abigail Weintraub
Digital Strategy Director: Casey Savio
Sr Strategist: Brian Gold
Sr Strategist: AJ Garcia
Project Manager: Vanessa Haley
Chief Production Officer: Kat Friis
Sr Integrated Producer: Laurie Bloom
Sr Integrated Producer: Michael Ramirez
Sr Integrated Producer: Nick Miller
Sr Post Producer: Joshua Abbott
Director of Creative Technology: Mike Bucks 
User Experience Design Director: Matt McBride
Sr Experience Designer: Steve Kob
Software Engineer: Nathan Fitzsimmon
Technical Lead: Patrick Waks
Editor: Evan Sartory
Motion Graphics Designer: Earl Burnley
Assistant Editor: Matthew Kleppner
Studio Director: Noel Espiritu

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