From Schmigadoon! to Encanto, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Clifford, Shang-Chi and the latest Halloween horror

As you'll see in this batch of new trailers and posters, the sun isn't the only thing bringing the heat this first week of July. The entertainment marketers are at it again and pulling out all the stops to get us to stay in the sweet, sweet air conditioning just a bit longer. And we'll happily oblige when the offerings look this good. 

We've got massive hounds and singing choir ladies, kickass martial arts, and the glorious tunes of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Pair that fun with the terror of Michael Myers or being blamed for a crime you didn't commit, and it's just the lineup we need to convince us that sitting in inside a theater or on your couch is a perfectly acceptable summertime activity.

So crank up that AC, pour yourself an ice-cold beverage, and check out the latest trailer and poster releases:


Apple TV+    
Trailer Agency: TRANSIT

Depending on your take on musical theater, it's either a dream come true or a nightmare to be stuck in a small village where everyone acts like they are in a 1940s musical. And for the young couple in Apple's new Schmigadoon! it appears to be more of the latter. This trailer perfectly contrasts the bouncy optimism of musical theater with the skepticism of a young millennial couple. Excellent clip selection shows off the humor you'd expect from a Lorne Michaels produced series, while a dedicated cast run showcases the impeccable comedic talent he's assembled for this whacky new production. So get ready to get your song and dance on when the show premieres April 16 on Apple TV+. 

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Paramount Pictures    
Trailer Agency: TRANSIT    
Poster Agency: BLT 

The pages of the beloved children's book series Clifford the Big Red Dog come to life in this full-length trailer for the film adaptation. The piece is infused with plenty of storybook magic, including an inspiring voiceover narration to start and fun copy throughout. The buoyant beats of BTS's "Dynamite" bring great energy to watching Clifford romp through the big city. The poster showcases Clifford's immense size as he sits in comparison with towering skyscrapers. Get your tails wagging because Clifford the Big Red Dog comes to theaters Sept. 17.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Marvel Studios
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: BOND

Meet the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Shang-Chi, in this trailer introducing the new film based on the '70s Bruce-Lee-inspired comic book series. The trailer builds with pulsing energy, and the editorial is just as slick as Shang-Chi's martial arts moves. Excellent sound design and a bumping music cue help bring the intensity as we learn more about Shang-Chi and his journey. The poster features our new protagonist in a power pose, ready to fight when the movie comes to theaters Sept. 3. 

Halloween Kills 

Universal Pictures     
Trailer Agency: Creature Street                 
Poster Agency: LA 

Picking up right where the 2018 Halloween revival left off, Halloween Kills continues the saga of Michael Myers, and if this thrilling trailer is any indication, he's still got a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Quick cuts combined with a stirring string track and moments of that signature theme music all add up to a hell of a hair-raising piece. The close-up poster contributes to the creep factor. All in all, it's a highly frightening campaign that should delight horror fans and get them ready to scream when the film hits theaters Oct. 15. 


Trailer Agency: N/A    
Poster Agency: Concept Arts    

John David Washington stars in Beckett, a new thriller for Netflix, in which he goes on the run in Greece after being falsely accused of a crime. A riveting string track leads the way as Washington runs throughout this enticing trailer. The staggered pacing and masterful cutting mimic his gripping journey. The film's excellent red title treatment pops on the intriguing poster. The film comes to Netflix on Aug. 13.


Walt Disney Studios 
Trailer Agency: InsyncPLUS
Poster Agency: N/A 

A fantastic explosion of colors helps introduce us to the Madrigal family in this new teaser for the Encanto, the latest from Walt Disney Animation. We get a glimpse of all the unique gifts bestowed on this Colombian family and meet Mirabel, the one family member without a magic skill. The upbeat Spanish tune (Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote new music for the film) helps add flair to the piece, which showcases the ever-impressive animation of Walt Disney Studios. The brilliant poster glows with the magic of this extraordinary film coming to theaters in November. 

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