From Project Power to Far Cry 6, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Andy Cohen, the return of Chucky and more

It was a sci-fi and horror heavy week in entertainment. If you're into aliens, brain implant technology, killer dolls, and a pill that gives you a specialized superpower, this week's work will be quite the treat.

If sci-fi and horror aren't your forté, no worries. There was plenty of other spectacular work to tickle your fancy. Perhaps you'll enjoy the powerful trailer for a new documentary about the authoritarian Philippine government and its war on truth and freedom of the press. We also got a first look at Andy Cohen and his famous friends as animated figures, and it was as delightful as you might imagine. Then we saw a peek of the new season of Hard Knocks. I've never been so thrilled to see training camp footage. And last, but certainly, not least, the trailer for Far Cry 6 will blow you away. 

There's plenty of fantastic work to be excited about this week. Catch up on some of the latest trailers and posters below. 

Project Power

Trailer Agency: Aspect    
Poster Agency: MOCEAN    

Imagine being able to take a pill that unlocks your personal superpower and then that pill falling into the wrong hands or becoming the drug of choice for an entire city. That's the premise for the new sci-fi thriller Project Power. The trailer is packed with action and excitement. The visuals and graphics are mesmerizing, but their integration with the music and sound design takes this piece to the next level. The poster design demands attention with its vibrant color scheme. See Project Power on Aug. 14.

A Thousand Cuts

PBS Distribution
Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates        

The trailer for A Thousand Cuts gives a disturbing and eye-opening look at the authoritarian government and obstructed democracy of the Philippines. The documentary follows journalist Maria Ressa and her fight for freedom of the press. The trailer is riveting with its precise cuts and music selection that emphasizes the intensity of the story. Watch A Thousand Cuts this August.


Trailer Agency: Zealot    
Poster Agency: Legion Creative Group    

Imagine the most disturbing visuals packed into one trailer, and that's precisely what you've got with Possessor. I haven't cringed that much since Un Chien Andalou. The trailer is a visual stunner, not only in the unsettling sense, but it's also standout in its graphics. There's no denying the trailer's memorability, it's precise in every aspect. Of course, what do you expect from a Cronenberg? This time it's Brandon Cronenberg in the director's chair, but he seems to have his father's surrealist nightmare technique down pat. After all, the film imagines a world with brain implant technology, and the horror begins from there. The poster is nightmarish in itself. From the imagery to the type, even the color scheme gives the perfect blend of uncertain terror. Possessor is coming soon. Get ready.

The Andy Cohen Diaries

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park Group            

The New York Times bestseller The Andy Cohen Diaries is getting its own animated series, and it looks fabulous. The trailer is witty, charming, and as colorful as the stories themselves. Plus, Andy does the voiceover! And seeing his celebrity pals transform into animated figures is half the fun. Go inside The Andy Cohen Diaries on July 20.


USA Network and SYFY    
Trailer Agency: Open Road

I love everything about this teaser for the new series, Chucky. Yes, as in the doll. From the colorful graphics to the type and clever tagline, and most of all the carnival-themed music. This piece is hauntingly majestic. Chucky returns in 2021.

Hard Knocks

Trailer Agency: Create Advertising         

It's so refreshing to see sports, even if it's only in a 40-second teaser. Teased we are! Hard Knocks is returning for another season, and this time the docuseries is following the Los Angeles Rams. This teaser's editing is truly standout. The quick cuts build up the anticipation and leave you with more excitement for what's to come. Hard Knocks returns Aug. 11.    


IFC Films    
Trailer Agency: Intermission Film    
Poster Agency: Intermission Film

Sputnik, a new sci-fi thriller about a parasite invading a Soviet hero and the young doctor tasked with saving him, looks like a soon-to-be horror classic. The trailer's combination of music and sound design keeps the intensity sharp from beginning to end. The poster is equally terrifying. It plays on the now-classic Sar Wars: Phantom Menace poster with its use of shadows. Very smart for tying with the storyline. See Sputnik on Aug. 14.

Far Cry 6

Trailer Agency: Unit Image    
Poster Agency: N/A    

The trailer for Far Cry 6 will leave you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath throughout. The escalation of intensity is remarkable, whether you're familiar with the series or not. The CGI is outstanding, as is the sound design, but it's the character development and storytelling that makes this piece completely unforgettable. The key art is equally as enthralling, especially after watching the trailer. Far Cry 6 will be available Feb. 18.

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