Prime Video Calms an Angry Troll With Stress-Free Streaming

All you need is an app and a password

Typing the username and password to every streaming service subscription with a tiny remote is enough to frustrate anyone—especially a crotchety troll. With patient neighbors and the Prime Video app, the troll in a new campaign shows his softer, happier side.

"Neighbors," created with Caviar L.A., opens on a dark, gloomy neighborhood with angry screams coming from our angry troll, who's unable to use sign in. He throws his couch out the window and a kind, patient neighbor offers help via the Prime app. The troll bares his teeth, but it's a ginormous grin. Now, he can watch Reacher and the latest episode of Curb in one place, on multiple devices!

Soon, he's bonding with his neighbors and sprucing up his yard. The sun comes out, he rescues a cat from a tree and less garbage hit the curb because our troll eats it! The spot ends with a neighborhood movie night with everyone watching Trolls Band Together.

Prime Video | Neighbors

"We wanted to connect audiences with narratives that show relatable streaming tensions, showing how even the grumpiest characters can 'find their happy place' on Prime Video, where their favorite content lives within one app, with one password," says Sarah Hamilton, head of brand at Prime Video. "The holistic campaign explores a few notorious grumps from people with resting binge face, to a mythological creature known for his temper."

Prime Video | Resting Binge Face

"One of the coolest things about working with Legacy Effects was that this was the very first time they operated a costume with two people inside, rather than one," Hamilton tells Muse. "In this case, we had a person in each leg of the troll's body, working together in tandem to give him movement."

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