Posters of the Month: Bullet Train, Nope, Moon Knight and More

This month's picks from Pablo Matilla at Concept Arts

Each month, we welcome a guest from entertainment marketing to write about their favorite newly released posters. Here are this month's picks from Pablo Matilla, associate creative director at Concept Arts. See previous installments of the series here.

Bullet Train

Agency: BLT Communications, LLC

This teaser poster for the upcoming action comedy film starring Brad Pitt is fantastic. Director/producer David Leitch has quite a fan base after John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Nobody. We will eventually see Brad Pitt in the print campaign, but this teaser poster is for niche fans.


Agency: LA

After writing and directing Get Out and Us, we are craving anything that comes out of the imagination of Jordan Peele. The visual of the horse in mid-air in the night sky is arresting. The title of the movie is great as well.

Moon Knight

Agency: Art Machine

There has been so much superhero content out there in the last few years, but the whole print/digital/AV campaign for Moon Knight has been fantastic. This off-white on off-white key art stood out.

Better Call Saul

Agency: The Refinery

Through its six seasons, Better Call Saul has had quite a collection of great posters. This key art for its last season has fans of the series intrigued and reading into the red color of the jacket.

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