Posters of the Month: Alim Smith's Afro-Surrealist Take on Atlanta

Plus, three other eye-catching campaigns

No doubt, The Batman has dominated the landscape these past few weeks. However, here are some other clever and inspiring posters from the past month. 


Agency: Eclipse
Illustrator: Alim Smith

When a show ages, ideas and imagination tend to become less inspiring. I admit that I haven't watched this series, but seeing this artwork makes me want to tune into Season 3 of Atlanta on March 24. I would love to read FX's creative brief and applaud them for using Afro surrealist Alim Smith to promote what I can only imagine will be a surreal show. Having recently been a Clios judge and discussing over and over: "Is it new? Is it unique? It is cool—but is it Clio worthy?" Yes, yes and yes!

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

Agency: Rhubarb

The white space and bright yellow are eye-catching, and at first glance, the modern color palette is ironically very optimistic. And like a sudden car crash, it hits you—they just got fucked! So simple, and yet so very clever.

The Outfit

Agency: AV Print

One poster nicely divides and displays nine characters in a clever way, but with a tone that feels Guy Ritchie crime drama (I'm in!). This cast poster will likely do more to draw an audience, but the the teaser poster ode to a Saul Bass murder mystery is definitely eye-catching. 


Agency: Rhubarb

Love the simple elegance of this poster and its campaign. Just when you thought the title said it all, the moody chiaroscuro character, plus the bestselling book pages, promise a thriller that's much more than it seems.

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Tami Shelly is partner and creative director of Greenlight Creative Inc.

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