From No Time to Die to Dune, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Adam Sandler is here to save Halloween

This week entertainment marketing was full of character. Not dull, easily forgettable characters, but rich, robust characters that stay with you long after you meet.

First, the return of 007, the superspy and suavest man alive, who has been entertaining audiences since 1954. Equally iconic, though slightly more terrifying, Nurse Ratched has shocked audiences for decades with her shrillness and is now getting her own series. There's also Rebecca. If you're a fan of Gothic literature or Hitchcock, you know her intense character is simply a memory, but an unforgettable one deserving of a new film adaptation. We also met a martial arts prodigy amid the brutal gang wars of 19th-century San Francisco. Then we got a sneak peek at Dune, and the trailer itself focuses on the construction of one's character.

We wandered with a nomad repurposing life after an economic collapse, and like the lifestyle of the character, the marketing reminded us that less is more. There was also a group of high-schoolers literally and figuratively determining what to stand for—as well as a teacher giving intimate anatomy lessons to a student. While on the subject of adults and high schoolers sharing bodies, there was also Freaky. Remember The Hot Chick? Think that, but the dude is a psycho instead of just a thief.

Finally, there's Hubie DuBois. The love child of Billy Madison, Little Nicky and Bobby Boucher. Hubie's on a mission to save Halloween. In a year where Halloween's already been canceled in Hollywood, Hubie might just be the hero 2020 needs. There's a slew of usual suspects from the Happy Madison gang serving as the eccentric townspeople. 

Like I said, plenty of character this week. Here are some of the latest trailers and posters. 

No Time to Die

MGM Studios
Trailer Agency: Chinagraph London
Poster Agency: N/A

Bond is back, and the trailer for No Time to Die is nothing short of thrilling. It does an excellent job of introducing key characters, leading up to the masterful villain himself. Hearing the iconic music fills every second with anticipation. The latest poster captures Bond's fierceness, and the design is set off by the bold use of black and white with the title in gold type. 007 returns this November.


Searchlight Pictures
Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates
Poster Agency: N/A

Nomadland explores the journey of a modern nomad after her rural Nevada town suffers an economic collapse. The teaser, which is one long shot, follows Fern (Frances McDormand) as she roams the camping area where she and others build community. The teaser avoids the usual marketing tactics, which makes the piece more compelling. The poster's simplicity is striking. The white space draws the eye to the colorful license plate, giving context without saying much. Less is more in this marketing campaign, and it's a lovely and refreshing approach. Visit Nomadland this December.

Hubie Halloween

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: Art Machine

Adam Sandler is Hubie DuBois. A man who means well but is the constant laughingstock of Salem, Massachusetts. After an evil force takes over the town, Hubie gets to fulfill his hero's journey and save the city and Halloween. The trailer's entertaining and filled with cameos from Happy Madison veterans. There's also a cool cover of "People Are Strange," which suits the townsfolk. The poster shows our bumbling hero and the strange characters around Salem. Seriously, how fun is the title treatment? Get in the spirit of the season Oct. 7.


Trailer Agency: Ultrabland    

The crime drama based on the writings of Bruce Lee is back for Season 2. The trailer reveals more conflict emerging among the gangs of 19th-century San Francisco, and the martial arts prodigy turned hitman. Aside from the impressive fight sequences, the music and sound design drive this piece's action. Warrior returns Oct. 2.

Grand Army

Trailer Agency: Netflix Creative Studios

Grand Army explores five high school students' lives as they struggle with sexual, racial and economic conflicts. The teaser snatches your attention immediately with an instrumental rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner—perhaps the most polarizing tune of today. The editing builds on the tension shot after shot, giving the story context while providing a jarring glimpse into today's youths' reality. Grand Army premieres on Oct. 16.


Trailer Agency: Trailer Park Group

The latest trailer for Ryan Murphy's new nightmare is filled with cringe-worthy shots, but the scariest part is the monologue narration, which takes you on a trip inside Nurse Ratched's mind. The music amplifies each scene's intensity all the way to the climactic shot of the character's eerily serene face. The insanity begins Sept. 18.


Trailer Agency: Intermission
Poster Agency: N/A

Based on the classic Gothic novel by Daphne Du Maurier, Rebecca is the story of a young bride who moves into her new husband's sprawling country estate only to be haunted by the legacy of his deceased first wife. The trailer graciously unravels the plot and introduces the main characters. The trailer's music is enchanting and adds to the story's mysterious nature, as do the stylized title cards, which give a classic noir vibe. The poster is also noir, with its bold red text—the name of his dead wife literally coming between them—and the use of color gradient, which feels nostalgic. Uncover the mystery of Rebecca on Oct. 21.

A Teacher

Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates

This limited series explores the complexities of a student/teacher relationship that goes too far. The trailer starts by luring you in with the romance only to reveal the forbidden nature of these lovers. From there, it dives into the complexities of such a relationship and the personal and professional destruction that follows. Most notable is the use of music, which changes throughout and matches the storyline's varying moods. 


Universal Pictures
Trailer Agency: AV Squad
Poster Agency: N/A

Freaky Friday meets Friday the 13th in this new killer comedy from Blumhouse. When a forgettable teenage girl magically switches bodies with a crazed killer, she must convince her friends of the mysterious mishap and stop the killer who's now using her body. The trailer is a riot and aware of its own campiness, which only adds to the fun. The music gives a teenage spirit to the piece, while the sound design amplifies both the horror and comedic elements. The poster creatively highlights the story's horror and comedic tones. Things are going to get Freaky on Friday, Nov. 13.


Warner Bros.
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group

The trailer for Dune is awe-inspiring. The film is based on Frank Herbert's classic novel about a young man from a noble family tasked with protecting their desert planet's most valuable resource. Aside from the action, of which there is plenty, the trailer's philosophical nature builds an emotional connection. The trailer's powerful score glorifies the visually stunning shots. See Dune on Dec. 18.

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