MTV's Moonperson Reminds You: 'Mental Health Is Health'

Even icons can crack under pressure

MTV Entertainment Group announced in April the launch of "Mental Health Is Health," a multiyear initiative to destigmatize mental health and normalize open discussions.

The first spot to introduce the campaign ran during Sunday's VMA Awards. It stars the Moon Person trophy, redesigned by artist Kehinde Wiley, cracking under pressure.

"The MTV Entertainment Group originally approached Mirada to create an early tease piece illustrating MTV and the VMAs' ability to break down traditions, break down barriers, and even break down their own iconic Moonperson," says Mitch Monson, SVP of brand experience/creative director at Mirada, the agency that created the work. "What happened from that point forward was a wonderful evolution of the initial 'breaking' concept to how the Moonperson could connect to the new MTV Entertainment Group Mental Health initiative and inspire awareness and action around mental health."

MTV | Mental Health is Health

The ad begins with a crack in the Moon Person's foot that quickly travels up its leg and up to its head.

"It can start small and escalate quickly," begins the voiceover. "We try our best to hold it together until we feel overwhelmed. But reaching a breaking point doesn't mean we're broken."

The trophy shatters into a million little pieces and is put back together again by vines and flowers, both part of the figure's redesign.

"Sharing our feelings can help us grow stronger. So let's talk about our mental health because mental health is health," closes the spot.

"The audience is truly everyone," says Monson. "It is our responsibility as leaders, mentors, parents, to be the ones bringing transparency and vulnerability front and center. There should be no shame, no hesitancy, and no regret in reaching out, getting support and prioritizing mental health."


CMO: Jason White
EVP, Marketing: Amy Campbell
SVP, Brand Creative Design: Thomas Berger
SVP, Creative Strategy & Planning: Lauren Epstein
SVP, Brand Creative Editorial: Justin Russell
Sr. Director, Creative Strategy & Planning: Craig Nadler

VP, Design: Rich Browd
VP, Motion Design: Timothy Livezey
Executive Producer, Design: Pamella Brill
Sr. Producer, Design:  Vivian Castello
Producer, Design: Nadgia Dixon

Exec. Creative Director: Chris Williams
Sr. Creative Director: Anna McDonald
Creative Director: Rosa White
Sr. Editorial Director: Tracey Crooks
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Sr. Producer, Editorial: Molly Shea
Producer, Editorial: Vadim Shalit

EVP/Executive Producer: Anna Joseph
VP of Brand Experience/Creative Director: Mitch Monson
Executive Producer: Stacy Paris
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Creative Director: Sean Kasa
Concept Design: Stanley Ng
Lead Animator/Designer: Alex Komin
Editor: Herman Nieuwoudt

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