Molly Shannon and Tim Meadows Play Twins in Samsung's Spoof of '90s Sitcoms

Quality Meats brings viewers a nostalgic 'Best in the House'

Your favorite TV shows of yesteryear will look as if they were filmed yesterday when viewed via Samsung's AI upscaling technology. To promote this and other product features, the tech giant launched "Best in the House," a 4-minute video starring Molly Shannon and Tim Meadows as twins (yes, twins) in a '90s sitcom send-up.

Created by Quality Meats, the vid is a warm, nostalgic hug, playing off Clinton-era prime-time themes like talking pets, quirky relatives and applause track. It begins as grainy footage, then receives a massive glow-up via Samsung's AI.

Staring contests, thumb wars and a talking hamster look better in high def!

Samsung | Best in the House

"The campaign brief at its core was all about how to drive awareness for and purchase of the Samsung 2024 TV and audio products in a breakthrough, entertaining way that communicates the product benefits, instead of just focusing on the incredible tech and specs," a Samsung rep tells Muse.

Additional work with Shannon and Meadows launches later this year.

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