Matt Damon and Zoe Saldaña 'Do Dinner' for Stella Artois

Plus Ludacris and Jeremy Allen White

Look who's coming to dinner for Stella Artois. It's Matt Damon, Zoe Saldaña, Jeremy Allen White and Ludacris. And you're invited!

Yeah, you can clear your calendar for that.

At least 15 fans can break bread with these A-listers in NYC as part of the brew's "Let's Do Dinner" campaign developed with Anomaly.

This :30 offers a taste of what's in store:

Watch the snark, White, or no desert for you!

Consumers can enter online—or look for QR codes on special-edition 12 packs—to win a seat at the table. Those four celebs will host a glitzy get-together on Sept. 21, along with "tennis-star Frances Tiafoe and other global icons," we're told.

Pitch your movie ideas to Matt. He loves when people do that! Or you could maybe yak about art all night long.

Marcela Garcia, vice president of marketing at Stella, describes "Let's Do Dinner" as a chance "to reinforce the brand's role in driving authentic connection and conversation around meals. "Stella wants to make dinner an occasion to look forward to again."

So, it's not so much about the beer, or the meal, as the human experience. Classic theme, really. Probably even more resonant as the pandemic recedes. Stella's AB InBev sibling Leffe recently explored similar territory, albeit with an entirely different creative approach.

The initiative also celebrates Stella's partnership with, designed "to empower people in need around the world with access to safe water, giving them time back so they can connect over dinner."

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