Martin Short 'Couldn't Care Less' About Shilling for Wealthsimple

Comedy legend plays the laziest pitchman ever

"Your monkey should work harder than you do."

Playing an indolent, super-diva version of himself, funnyman Martin Short flubs his line while filming a commercial within a commercial for Canadian fintech company Wealthsimple. Naturally, he's too prissy and precious to do a re-take.

Yes, we've seen this kind of set-up before. But Short's pitch-perfect performance lifts solid if familiar material to new heights.

Sort of like a helicopter flying a pampered actor across the parking lot to his car...

Wealthsimple | Martin Short's Short Day at Work

SHORT: What am I shilling here?

CREW MEMBER: Wealthsimple.

SHORT: And what do they do?

CREW MEMBER: It's a financial...

SHORT: I'm kidding. I couldn't care less.

It's self-aware, top-of-funnel stuff that's all about getting the name across and providing some quick entertainment. At that it succeeds, with Short chewing scenery in pompously prickly, persnickety style.

"It helps that Martin is Canadian, and about the closest thing to royalty they have in those parts," Preacher creative director Zach Watkins tells Muse. "Obviously, he's much loved, and having a well-deserved resurgence with Only Murders in the Building. But the main reason [the agency cast him] was his abundant enthusiasm for the project and generous time in collaborating on the script before shooting. He really was a mensch throughout."

Short suggested many of the gags, and on set "his improv chops kicked in and some of our favorite moments were discovered on the fly," Watkins recalls, praising Martin's "instincts for filling up every moment with something special and walking that fine line between obnoxious and charming."

Biscuit director Aaron Stoller, always aces with sitcom-style spots, imbues the project with a dose of manic energy. Ads broke this week across TV and social.


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Celebrity Talent: Martin Short           
Co-writer: Matt Roberts

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