From Malcolm & Marie to Barb & Star, See This Week's New Trailers and Posters

Plus, Cherry, Bliss, Billie Holiday and more

It may be freezing outside, but entertainment marketing is here to bring the heat this week. 

Warm your heart with a classic love story, whether it be the romance of Malcolm & Marie or the friendship of Barb & Star, and two of our favorite young lovers are concluding their epic love story just as one half of a new Yuba County couple goes missing. 

Or stimulate body heat with some physical activity—chase some serial killers, rob a bank, or find yourself breaking in and out of augmented reality. We also have some powerful historical tales that might just make you forget about the wind chill. 

So cozy up and check out some of this week's new trailers and posters. 

Malcolm & Marie

Trailer Agency: JAX
Poser Agency: N/A

Malcolm & Marie stars John David Washington and Zendaya as a couple examining their relationship over the course of a single evening. This stunning trailer gives us a first look at what's to come when this unique film comes to Netflix. With great sound design that shows off the graceful editorial and narrative choices, including an excellent music cue selection of Safari Riot and Old Man Saxon's "I Will Carry You," the trailer creates a powerful meditation on the trials and tribulations of love. The alluring poster matches the film's magnificent black-and-white cinematography. Malcolm & Marie comes to Netflix on Feb. 5. 


Trailer Agency: N/A

A new drama from CBS, Clarice is set one year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs and follows Agent Clarice Starling as she re-enters the workforce after her infamous pursuit of Hannibal Lecter. Guided by a captivating cover of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by Grammy-winning artist Brandi Carlile, this trailer expertly teases the thrilling journey to unfold during this latest Silence of the Lambs spinoff. Clarice premieres Feb. 11. 

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Trailer Agency: TRANSIT
Poster Agency: BLT

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Andra Day stars as Billie Holiday in The United States vs. Billie Holiday, the new film by director Lee Daniels coming to Hulu. This trailer gives a glimpse into her transformation into the famed jazz singer and what look to be incredible vocal performances. The trailer's driving force is Holiday's "Strange Fruit," which we also see plays an important role in the film's plot. Keen editorial choices allow us to experience both the glamour and grit of Holiday's life that will be featured in the film. The poster focuses on the glam, and plays cleverly off the copy with a close-up of Billie and her microphone. The United States vs. Billie Holiday premieres Feb. 26.


Amazon Prime
Trailer Agency: Tiny Hero
Poster Agency: Concept Arts

Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek star in Bliss, a new sci-fi thriller by director Mike Cahill that finds Wilson stuck in an augmented reality science experiment. This trippy trailer strategically forces us to figure out what is "reality" and what is not, which appears will become an issue for Wilson as well. Some careful selects and expository dialogue expertly set up the film's concept while leaving plenty of room for intrigue and mystery. The poster similarly allows us to see both worlds of the film using an eye-catching spliced photo of the two stars. Bliss comes to Amazon Prime on Feb. 5.  

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Trailer Agency: N/A

Netflix's beloved To All the Boys films are coming to an end with this final installment in the trilogy, To All the Boys: Always and Forever. With a fitting musical cue of Betty Who's cover of "I Love You Always and Forever," we get an upbeat look at what the final year of high school has in store for main character Lara Jean Covey. The piece skillfully teases a few major plot points but leaves us with an unexpected cliffhanger to mull on until Feb. 12, when the film comes to Netflix.


Apple TV+
Trailer Agency: Rogue Planet

An attention-grabbing cold open with a dollar bill starts this piece for Cherry, starring Tom Holland as a young man struggling to figure himself out. The trailer distills the essence of the classic tune "Time in a Bottle" in its editorial as we intensely jump throughout Holland's timeline from battlefields to bank robberies and a love story. The high-octane piece gets the adrenaline pumping for when Cherry comes to Apple TV+ on March 12. 

Breaking News in Yuba County

MGM Pictures
Trailer Agency: Motive
Poster Agency: N/A

Breaking News in Yuba County features Allison Janney as a suburban housewife who finds herself a bit of a local celebrity when her husband suddenly goes missing. The trailer builds to a buzzy string track as we watch her try to crack the case, with plenty of great strategic stop downs to show off the stellar cast's comedy skills. The colorful retro illustrated poster highlights the zany cast of characters we'll meet when Breaking News in Yuba County is released Feb. 12. 

Judas and the Black Messiah

Warner Bros.
Trailer Agency: Mob Scene

Another powerful piece for Judas and the Black Messiah is here. A slow, steady build coupled with ticking sound design poignantly display the various performances and scenarios in the film, crescendoing with a potent human moment from star Daniel Kaluuya. Great editorial conveys history, story and emotion throughout the piece. Judas and the Black Messiah is coming to theaters and HBO Max on Feb. 12. 

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park
Poster Agency: P+A

Three distinct segments combine to produce a delightfully quirky teaser to introduce us to Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar, a new movie starring Bridesmaids creators Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. First, we have a young newspaper delivery boy singing Barbara Streisand's "Guilty" as he makes his rounds, and although his relevance to the film is never quite revealed, you can't help but smile at his enthusiasm at singing this classic '80s jam. Next up, we meet our two leading ladies ... or do we? They are certainly taking the word teaser to heart. Finally, it's Madonna's "Holiday" (coupled with some very distinct sunscreen squirting sound effects) and some excellently choreographed editorial that brings us to Vista Del Mar. We still don't see our leading ladies' faces on the colorful poster, but we do get to marvel at their excellent perms. Learn more when Barb & Star head to the beach on Feb. 12. 

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