From Luca to The Handmaid's Tale, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, a glimpse of Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead

Anyone else dreaming of a vacation?

As the months of quarantine continue, it sure does seem appealing to get a change of scenery. Luckily, entertainment marketing is always here to provide an escape with no travel restrictions or Covid tests to worry about. 

First up, let's head to the Italian Riviera, and damn, Pixar does it again because this place looks truly magical. I'm not sure something animated has ever made me want to book a plane ticket so fast. For those who'd rather leave the kids at home, you can also head to Vegas with some zombies or London with some truly raunchy aliens.

While you're away, the kids can head to Christian summer camp or try their hand at hockey on a Minnesota ice rink, but you might want to think twice about letting them run loose with a crew of '90s child sitcom stars. And speaking of escapes, is a certain handmaid finally making hers?

Trust us, there's lots of places to explore and ways to break free from your couch in this week's notable trailers and posters. Take a look.


Trailer Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: N/A

We are transported to the stunning Italian Riviera in Luca, the latest from Pixar. With an Italian cover of "You Are my Sunshine," this teaser highlights the film's vibrant and incredible animation, as you truly feel like you're wandering the cobblestone streets of sun-soaked Italy with Pixar's new leading man, young Luca. Some excellent stop-downs help bring tension as his true sea-monster self is revealed. His dual persona is also cleverly on display on the enticing poster. Luca comes to theaters this summer.

Army of the Dead

Trailer Agency: Rogue Planet
Poster Agency: P+A

The teaser for Army of the Dead is here, the latest zombie epic from director Zack Snyder, and this time he's going to Vegas. Neon metallic pink copy cards show off all the glitz and glamour of America's playground, and a slow build pays off with a spectacular helicopter stunt. Although short on time, the piece adequately teases the epic scope of the zombie adventure to come, with a single line to cap it all off. The poster features zombies breaking into a vault basked in neon-hued light. Army of the Dead comes to Netflix on May 21. 


Trailer Agency: Wild Card

A powerful monologue from Tina Turner drives this teaser for the new HBO documentary exploring the famed singer's life. The piece uses Tina's words to build into an expertly cut montage of archival footage that celebrates her incredible career, set to her hit "Proud Mary." The piece exemplifies the power of simplicity and leaves you wanting to learn more when the documentary comes to HBO on March 27.

Kevin Can F**K Himself

Trailer Agency: Ignition

Starring Annie Murphy of Schitt's Creek fame, Kevin Can F**K Himself follows a housewife who becomes fed up with her husband and concocts a plan to kill him. This trailer serves as a great introduction to the show's unique style, expertly switching between the multi-camera sitcom scenes and the single-camera drama scenes in a way that effectively shows off Murphy's twisted new character. The show comes to AMC this summer. 

A Week Away

Trailer Agency: Big Picture Entertainment
Poster Agency: Size Matters

A Week Away is a new young-adult musical comedy from Netflix that follows a young delinquent teen sent off to a Christian summer camp. This upbeat trailer gives us a first glimpse at the summer camp romance that unfolds, and a first listen to the catchy songs that follow suit. The piece hits all the right notes to produce a wonderful celebration of young love. Our two lovers are found dancing in the sunset in the appealing poster. A Week Away comes to Netflix on March 26.

Kid 90

Trailer Agency: Ignition
Poster Agency: MOCEAN

Kid 90 is an exploration of childhood fame in the '90s via found footage of Soleil Moon Frye (best known as Punky Brewster), which she took growing up with a friend group of other teen stars. This trailer uses the unique footage interspersed with the adult actors' interviews to paint an intriguing portrait of what it was like to be a teenage celebrity. Inspirational music and copy help frame the piece as a journey of self-discovery and leave you intrigued to see how the journey will unfold for Frye and the other stars. The cheery DIY poster takes us back to the heyday of the VHS. Kid 90 comes to Hulu on March 12.


Amazon Prime
Trailer Agency: The Refinery
The new trailer for Invincible packs a big punch—a cold open is rudely interrupted by a blaring alarm clock, introducing us to the average Joe main character, whose father happens to be a spectacular superhero. The piece follows his journey from zero to hero and makes a large spectacle of multiple action set pieces. A cast run shows off of the impressive actors giving voice to these new heroes, and a surprisingly bloody finale lets us know this isn't going to be a Saturday morning cartoon. Invincible comes to Amazon Prime on March 26. 

Solar Opposites

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

The trailer for Solar Opposites' second season is here, and by the looks of it, things are just as raunchy as where they left off. The antics of the Solars are in full effect in this trailer, which uses excellent clip selection to highlight the series' unique blend of humor, and it produces a fast-paced romp of zany comedy that gets us primed for the escapades to come when Solar Opposites returns to Hulu on March 26. 

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

Trailer Agency: N/A

The trailer is here for the new Mighty Ducks TV series coming to Disney+, based on the beloved 1990s film series. Here we meet the new generation of young hockey players, as Lauren Graham plays a mom who forms a new team for underdogs after her son is cut from the Ducks. Judah & The Lion's "Spirit" is a terrific music choice that provides an inspirational tune for the piece that makes it impossible not to root for the group of misfits. We also get a glimpse at Emilio Estevez reprising his role of Gordon Bombay from the original films who is brought on relectuanly to coach the new team. Lace up your skates, as The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers comes to Disney+ on March 26. 

The Handmaid's Tale

Trailer Agency: Wild Card

The highly anticipated fourth season of The Handmaid's Tale has dropped a new teaser, and we finally get our first taste of where Elisabeth Moss' character June's journey will take her next in her fight for freedom. A trailerized version of Billie Eilish's "You Should See Me in a Crown" provides a haunting soundtrack to the enthralling piece, which builds into a powerful sequence with one-word quote cards with the words "Let Freedom Reign." The piece ends with a cliff-hanging moment that certainly has us wishing we didn't have to wait until April 28 for the show to return.  

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