From Love, Victor to Fargo, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Quibi's satirical look at the music biz

Good news, folks. We've got something for everyone this week in entertainment marketing. If you're looking for coming-of-age drama, might I suggest you check out Love, Victor? Or if you want an ageless mystery, the new docuseries on Charles Manson might be more your taste. If you fancy fictional mysteries, then you'll be thrilled to hear Fargo will be returning soon.

Or perhaps you're looking for humor. If so, then Royalties is for you. Could be you have a little one you're sharing the screen with? Then guess what? Three little bears are waiting to entertain you. 

If you want something darker, the final season of Dark will soon be ready to binge. And speaking of bingeing, the trailer for Taste the Nation will have you wanting to do just that.

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it this week. Here are some of the notable trailers and posters released this week. 

Love, Victor 

Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones 
Poster Agency: Leroy & Rose 

Love, Victor, a new series from the writers of Love, Simon, is about growing up, coming out, and the many obstacles faced during the teenage years. The trailer editing tells a humorous and heartwarming story, but it's the music that really sets the tone of the piece. Check out the new poster, which sticks closely to the design of Love, Simon. Though I appreciate the wordplay on the new tagline. Love, Victor premieres June 19.


Trailer Agency: Intermission

The announcement trailer for the final season of Dark has arrived, and the trailer for the German thriller certainly lives up to the title. The editing draws you in, making the imagery darker with every passing shot. What's most notable about the trailer is the sound design; from the opening seconds to the very end, the sound is inescapable. The Dark returns June 27.

Taste the Nation 

Trailer Agency: Greenhouse (Hulu in-house) 

Our first taste of another culture in America is typically through food. That is the plot of Hulu's new series Taste the Nation, where Padma Lakshmi goes on the road to learn about different cultures through their food. The promo will leave you salivating, but it's also uplifting and reminds us America is a melting pot, and there is a unique story behind every culture. Taste the Nation begins June 19.


Trailer Agency: AV Squad 

The new Quibi series Royalties, about a songwriting duo, offers the perfect dose of laughter. With a slew of famous faces, the trailer is a witty and satirical look at today's music industry. And of course, the original music throughout the trailer will leave you in laughter. Royalties premieres June 1.

We Bare Bears  

Cartoon Network 
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN  

The popular animated series We Bare Bears is getting feature treatment in this Cartoon Network original film. The trailer for the film takes us back to the origin story of the brother bears. Their story is funny and filled with adventure. My favorite part of the trailer is the postcard-themed graphics, which are unbearably cute. We Bare Bears the movie premieres June 8.

Helter Skelter: An American Myth

Trailer Agency: Jump Cut

Helter Skelter: An American Myth is a docuseries about the infamous cult leader, Charles Manson. The trailer for the series uses footage, interviews and reenactments to recount the story that shook American culture in 1968, and for decades beyond. What I dig most about the trailer are the killer graphics and haunting musical choice, "Eating Me Alive" by Blake Blumenthal. The series premieres June 14.


Trailer Agency: LAssociates 

After the original release date for Season 4 of Fargo was pushed back due to Covid-19, FX is back with a tease of the new installment starring Chris Rock. The teaser is short, and without dialogue, but it is clever to the core, apologizing for the unfortunate series pause. And the copywriting is gold. Enjoy every second of this splendid humor. Fargo will return soon.

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