From Love In the Time of Corona to Kajillionaire, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, more Bill & Ted and a look at two HBO shows

This week in entertainment marketing, we got a look at the first fiction series focused on the Covid-19 pandemic—as if it needed to be further dramatized. At least this gives shelter-in-place a romantic twist. Then we saw what happens when an obsession for views and social media impressions turns deadly. On a more bodacious note, we got another look at Bill and Ted's latest adventure, and it's definitely shaping up to be something out of this world.

Thank goodness so many of us are still working from home, because the trailer for After We Collided might not be safe for work. Man, did they turn up the heat on that one—I was wiping my brow at the end of it. The romantic tension was pushed aside when Adam Devine entered the scene with plenty of bad ideas for his new series, which is sure to spark some laughs. Then HBO showered us with peeks at two of their new series and the return of a fantastical favorite. 

Last but not least, there was Kajillionaire, and wow, what a story and what a trailer. A perfect dose of freshness to finish the week. 

Lots to catch up on this week. Here are some of the latest trailers and posters. 

Love in the Time of Corona

Trailer Agency: AV Squad

Love in the Time of Corona is a new series that explores the different scenarios of romance during the Covid-19 pandemic. The teaser highlights a variety of characters and how their different circumstances shape their shelter-in-place experience. Aside from the relatable storytelling, what stands out about this piece is the graphic design at the end and the memorable title treatment. Relive the romance of quarantine, or lack thereof, starting Aug. 22.


RLJE Films
Trailer Agency: Discotheque

Spree takes the desire to be instafamous to a deadly level. Imagine a rideshare driver who will do anything, including kill and torture, to get some views. The film looks like an interesting commentary on our social media-obsessed culture. The trailer is raw and gritty—cut to mimic social videos, including bright and edgy graphics that are certain to catch your attention. Then there's the music, which intensifies throughout and works as a masterful final touch. See Spree on Aug. 14.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Orion Pictures    
Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones    
Poster Agency: Art Machine    

The newest trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music is here, and it's just as excellent as the first, only this time we get even more story! The trailer is fun and creatively conveys how the loveable nature of the original films meets the standards of 2020. Check out the electrifying new character poster, which doesn't just highlight the leading men, but also the new leading ladies. That's right, Bill and Ted's daughters are coming along for this adventure. Righteous, right? Bill and Ted Face the Music on Sept. 1.

After We Collided

Voltage Pictures
Trailer Agency: Open Road
Poster Agency: BOND

To say the trailer for After We Collided is steamy is an understatement. The sequel to After shows the dramatic break-up of two passionate lovers and explores the possibility for new romance. The trailer's quick-cut editing builds the tension, and the passion of these two lovers is inescapable. The poster is just as seductive—from the photography to the dark exposure and even the charming typography. See part two of this phenomenon on Sept. 2.

Bad Ideas with Adam Devine

Trailer Agency: AV Squad    
Poster Agency: Size Matters    

Get ready for adventure and a lot of laughter in the new series Bad Ideas with Adam Devine. Basically, comedian Adam Devine is flying around the world with his famous friends and trying some perilous and inevitably hilarious stunts. The trailer captures the spirit of the series and will keep you chuckling throughout. I love the title treatment, which is also used on the entertaining poster. New episodes are now available on Quibi.

We Are Who We Are

Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates        

The gripping trailer for We Are Who We Are poetically captures the beauty of coming of age. The series follows two teenagers as they grow up on a military base in Italy and discover their identities. The trailer's musical selection is most notable; it gives an enchanted feel to growing up. The unique graphics and title treatment also deserve a shoutout. We Are Who We Are premieres Sept. 14.

Lovecraft Country

Trailer Agency: BOND    
Poster Agency: BOND    

The latest trailer for Lovecraft Country takes you on a dark and twisted journey through the Deep South. The series, which follows a young man as he explores his birthright, seems even more mysterious with each piece of marketing released. Aside from the buildup of the story, in this latest piece, most compelling is the superb blend of music and AV. "Shadow" by Amir Obè breathes an exhilarating spirit into the piece. The poster feels just as mystifying. I love the color palette, which conjures the evil lurking inside this story. Lovecraft Country premieres Aug. 16.

His Dark Materials

Trailer Agency: BOND    

His Dark Materials is back for Season 2! The adventurous essence of the series is alive and well in the new trailer. Every cut builds on the energy, as does the music. Get ready for the story and thrilling escapades to continue this fall.  


Focus Features        
Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates        
Poster illustration by Desi Moore        

Kajillionaire, the latest film from Miranda July, follows a mother and father who've spent years training their daughter to be a con artist. When they bring a stranger into the latest scheme, their family dynamic begins to crumble. The trailer is quirky yet heartwarming and filled with refreshing humor that has been missing from the cinema. Most striking are the foaming title cards throughout and the cover of Bobby Vinton's classic "Mr. Lonely" performed by Angel Olsen, which is absolutely hypnotizing. Also, check out the superbly designed and illustrated poster. See Kajillionaire this fall.

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