From The Last Duel to Dune, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Modern Love, the doc series UFO and more

This week in entertainment marketing reminded us of the fine line trailer pros must walk between selling the movie and giving too much away. These pieces hit the Goldilocks standard of "just right" in setting the scene while also leaving us needing more. It's a tricky line to toe, but these pieces all passed the test and convinced us to mark our calendars for the release dates.

You'll leave this week's round-up needing to know who wins the duel, how the love stories end, if dreams will be fulfilled and other planets reached, and how Timothée Chalamet's cheekbones are so well-defined. Check out the latest notable trailer and poster releases:

The Last Duel

20th Century Studios     
Trailer Agency: Wild Card     
Poster Agency: Legion Creative Group        

Director Ridley Scott's latest is here, and he's bringing his unrivaled cinematic eye to Medevil France. Oh, and he's got quite the cast to join him there, with Adam Driver, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Jodie Comer all joining his ranks. Striking split-screen graphics and building intensity help introduce us to this epic story in a trailer that highlights both the scale of the set pieces and the emotional beats of the terrific cast. The stunning poster accomplishes a lot with a simple but highly effective sword design. Grab your armor; the film will come to theaters on Oct. 12. 

Modern Love

Prime Video    
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN                 

Based on the popular New York Times column of the same name, Modern Love is returning to Prime Video for its second season to tell eight real-life love stories pulled from the pages of the Times. This cheery trailer uses "The Way," a fun track from Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid, to create a cohesive montage of the eight separate stories with excellent clip and dialogue selection that leaves us needing to know more about these intriguing love tales. The hopeful copy helps tie the piece together. See how these stories end when the show returns Aug. 13. 

Reservation Dogs

Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen
Poster Agency: Art Machine

Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi head up the first-of-its-kind Indigenous creative team and cast that produced Reservation Dogs. This new FX series follows a group of four Indigenous teenagers in Oklahoma who will do whatever it takes to fulfill their dreams of heading to California. This spunky trailer gives us a taste of the comedy to come and the unique characters we will encounter as we explore small-town Oklahoma life. Our four protagonists are suited up and ready for action under the expansive Midwestern sky in the captivating poster. See if these teens will ever make it to their California dreams when the show premieres Aug. 9.

The Chair     

Trailer Agency: N/A                 
Poster Agency: Art Machine 

Sandra Oh plays the new chair of an English department at a prestigious university in The Chair, a new comedy series coming to Netflix. This fast-paced trailer takes us through the trials and tribulations she will face in her new role, and polished editorial helps set the scene while letting moments of humor shine through. Oh poses above a profanity-stricken nameplate in the chuckle-producing poster. Head back to English class when the show premieres Aug. 20. 


Trailer Agency: Giaronomo    
Poster Agency: N/A 

A stirring string track helps build the intensity and mystery in this trailer for UFO, a Showtime documentary series that explores the extraterrestrial. Dexterous editing helps shape the piece by cutting together archival footage, b-roll, graphics and interview clips to create a compelling and convincing piece on the existence of UFOs. The night sky in all its glory is fully on display on the captivating poster. UFO premieres Aug. 8. 


Warner Bros. 
Trailer Agency: Wild Card
Poster Agency: Concept Arts     

After many months of delays, Dune is finally coming this October, and the fans who have been eagerly awaiting this adaptation of the seminal sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert got a nice long peek at the film in this newly dropped trailer. The trailer does an excellent job of highlighting the terrific cast bringing this famed story to life—with particular focus on Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya—and showcasing the epic scale of the production. Dazzling sound design pairs with polished cutting to prove this is certainly a film worth the hype (and probably one worth seeing on the big screen). The moody character posters again showcase  the impeccable cast. Dune will come to HBO Max and theaters on Oct. 22. 

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