From Judy to Mulan, See This Week's New Trailers & Posters

Plus, Rian Johnson's Knives Out and more

This week in entertainment marketing was fitting as the Women's World Cup concluded. We saw a lot of badass women filling our screens—from fighting wars to flying, traveling through space to standing beneath the limelights. In 2019, there's nothing a lady can't do.

We also saw serious family drama, reminders of the injustices of our legal system, and Will Smith turned into a pigeon. Yes, a pigeon. Time to catch up on what you may have missed. Here are some of the notable trailers and posters released this week. 

Knives Out

Agency: Motive
Poster Agency: LA

Mystery unfolds in the trailer for Knives Out, after an 85-year-old man is murdered at his birthday party. Now, authorities are turning their attention to the family. The only question is whodunit? Find out Nov. 27. Also, cheers to Lionsgate for attempting a text campaign. If you haven't already, give it a try. Details at the end of the trailer.

Spies in Disguise

20th Century Fox
Agency: Aspect

Will Smith is going deep undercover in the animated film Spies in Disguise. In the trailer, Lance Sterling is at the top of his spy game before a young scientist comes up with the perfect spy disguise—a pigeon. Spies in Disguise flies into theaters this Christmas. 


Roadside Attractions    
Agency: Trailer Park
Poster Agency: LA    

Judy Garland, the woman once considered the world's greatest performer, is returning to the big screen in a biopic detailing the last year of her life. Renee Zellweger plays the starring role in Judy, and based on the trailer she may be on the trail for another Oscar. Also, kudos on the title treatment—it's sparkling perfection. Relive the magic, the tragedy and the star power on Sept. 27.


Agency: Eclipse

Power is back! The trailer for Season 6 is filled with more crime, more deceit, and of course, more drama. Not to mention, a nice cover of "In the Air Tonight." Tune in Aug. 25. 

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil     

Disney Studios
Agency: Seismic Productions    

We saw the teaser, and now the trailer has arrived! It must be said, weddings tend to bring out the worst in families, and Princess Aurora's family is no exception. But when you have Maleficent as a godmother, what can you expect? Get ready for more fairies, more moors, and more magic on Oct. 18.

Another Life

Agency: MOCEAN

Katee Sackhoff, the sci-fi queen, is back with Another Life, a Netflix original series about a mission to discover another lifeform after a mysterious alien artifact lands on earth. The trailer for the series will have your pulse racing. Space is one scary place. The mission launches July 25.

Free Meek

Amazon Prime Video
Agency: Create Advertising

It's no secret that our justice system is not always just. Free Meek, a new docuseries from executive producer Jay-Z, hopes to shed light on some of those injustices. The trailer examines Meek Mills, a young rapper who fell victim to the system and police brutality in the city of Philadelphia. Get enlightened Aug. 9.


Disney Studios
Agency: The Propeller Group    
Poster Agency: BLT Communications

Disney momentarily stole the show last weekend during the World Cup, when it released the teaser for the live-action version of Mulan. It looks like everything we could've hoped for. Even the original key art was brought to life. Now, we just have to wait until next spring to see the magic unfold.

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