Jason Momoa Directs and Stars in Latest Guinness Ad

Kiss us, we're Irish!

Guinness superfan Jason Momoa fulfilled a life goal recently, co-directing and starring in his first ad for the brand. Developed with Momoa's production company On the Roam, the ad clocks in at two-and-a-half minutes and was filmed in New Zealand, where Jason was working on a movie.

The ad opens with the muscular one dining at a sushi bar; naturally, there's a freshly-poured Guinness nearby. Jason anxiously opens an envelope, reads the contents and runs screaming from the establishment.

He races up stairs, down stairs, makes a call, jumps a fence, pauses briefly when someone opens a Guinness, runs some more, slides across a car and eventually enters another restaurant.

"I'm f*ckin Irish," Momoa proudly shouts. Kisses follow. One lucky recipient was his mom, making her acting debut. 

We ultimate learn he's just 2 percent Irish. Still, that's more than enough with St. Patrick's Day a week away.

 "Lovely Day" will run all year on digital, social media and TV, with new footage and variations to follow.

"This is more than just another partnership: together with Jason, we are starting a new chapter in our iconic story that will bring Guinness to more people, places and celebrations," says Joyce He, Guinness U.S. brand director, in press materials. "I can't wait to keep sharing with the world what we already know: any day is a lovely day for a Guinness."

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