Jason Alexander Defines 'Yada Yada' for Verizon Visible

Seinfeld star zings carrier's archrival, Metro by T- Mobile

All hail the Lord of the Idiots!

Jason Alexander headlines a campaign for Verizon Visible, reprises his '90s schtick to fine effect.

A :30 tweaks the funnyman's "yada yada" routine from Seinfeld in a set-up that skewers commercials from Visible nemesis Metro by T-Mobile, which also employed the catchphrase (sans Jason).

Verizon Visible | Truth About Yadas

Well played, Visible. Props for tapping George Costanza himself to zing a competitor's claims. Seinfeld never goes out of style, and the approach taps into adland's heightened nostalgia craze. Plus, phone wars harken back to the Clinton era (remember all those dueling long-distance commercials?). So, Jason seems right at home.

Also, it's comforting to see the beloved star—an icon from pre-internet-saturation days!—still doing his thing in 2023. It's not a performance about nothing. This is definitely ... something.

"Visible isn't afraid to go head-to-head on the details to showcase the brand's simple and transparent $25 single-line unlimited plan," brand CMO Cheryl Gresham. "Visible’s mission is to show it has nothing to hide and is fully transparent in its offerings to consumers."

Jason's son Gabe Greenspan co-stars.

"The chemistry between the two was incredible and both worked hard with us and our creative agency Madwell to create a funny, truthful ad," Gresham says. "Jason made script adjustments to really connect to the dialogue and show the truth of what 'yada, yada, yada' really means."

Directed by Chris Sojka, the spot will run across TV, OLV, paid social and digital.

UPDATE: Keeping the story alive for another 10 minutes, T-Mobile fired off a response. Couched as "An Open Letter to Jason Alexander," the missive states: "We think you missed some important facts about what sets Metro apart." The brand proceeds to make its case and invites the actor to swing by one of its stores and check out what it has to offer.

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