Inside Hulu's 'Only Murders in the Building' Fan Experience in NYC

Fans look for clues to solve Bunny's murder

Who killed Bunny? The Upper West Side setting of Hulu's Only Murders in the Building came to the Flatiron District last week for a two-day fan experience, and we took a tour.

The Prince George Ballroom was transformed into the hit show's Third Arm Gallery, run by Cara Delevingne's Alice, and the Arconia, home to Oliver, Charles and Mabel (Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez).

Guests were greeted by a doorman, welcoming all to the Arconia. First up was the recreation of the Third Arm Gallery. There were paintings, blueprints, a garbage can with a jar of glitter, and the infamous sculpture that Mabel destroyed with an axe. The sculpture and axe were made of foam, and guests were encouraged to let loose and release stress. I can confirm I was relaxed and problem-free for a period.

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Nearby was a closet that doubled as a secret passage with an intricate mural of highlights from the show. Guests could also opt to swing through a pivot door (each side contained one of the two famous Rose Cooper paintings) for further interactions and Instagram-worthy picture opps.

A color by numbers mural, tied in with Gomez's Rare Beauty brand, was first, offering guests the option to bring characters to life.

Next came photo opps behind Bunny's bloody hoodie and Mabel's bloody shirt. A "photo booth" enabled guests to appear on the Son of Sam card, a game beloved by Oliver.

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A board of suspects and clues let guests draw the lines between who was the puppet master and who did the dirty work. Additional stops included a seat on the Gut Milk throne, a walk past Mrs. Gambolini and her enormous cage, and sandwiches at the Pickle Diner. I sat at Bunny's reserved booth but am still no closer to discovering her killer, although I have my suspicions. The Season 2 finale is up now. Hopefully, all will be revealed. I know what I'm doing for lunch.

There were plenty of clues for the taking throughout this elaborate experience. It's unfortunate that it was only a two-day event.

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