From Infinite to Reminiscence, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Disney's Jungle Cruise and the return of Gossip Girl

This week in entertainment marketing, we took nostalgic trips through the past and experienced infinite futures. Disney took us along for a popular amusement-ride turned summer blockbuster, and honestly, after a year without theme parks or summer blockbusters, it may have been the most fun I've had in 15 months. There were also werewolves on the loose and active volcanoes with mysterious cores. Plus, we saw the beginning of the end for L.A.'s finest and the return of the New York elite. 

Here's a look at some of the notable trailers and posters released this week.


Trailer Agency: MOCEAN    
Poster Agency: BOND    

The trailer for Infinite is an editorial thrill ride. The movie follows a man with an infinite amount of lives who must work with others of his kind to save the world. The masterfully crafted trailer opens with an exhilarating long sequence and combines explosive sound design and expository dialogue to craft the story arc. The title treatment at the end was a creative touch. As for the poster, it's hard to look away. The design is an innovative puzzle for the eyes. Stream Infinite on June 10.

Jungle Cruise

Walt Disney Studios    
Trailer Agency: AV Squad    
Poster Agency: BLT Communications    

Get ready for adventure because the trailer for Jungle Cruise takes you right along for the ride! The trailer is action-packed with bursts of comedic interjection and 3-D effects that make you feel like you're in the film. More than anything, it feels grandly cinematic, and what a welcome return for that feeling. Plus, you can never go wrong with a bit of CCR. I can't rave enough about the beautifully illustrated posters for the film. They have a timeless feel about them—as an excellent adventure story should. Take a ride on the Jungle Cruise on July 30.

Werewolves Within

IFC Films    
Trailer Agency: Motive    
Poster Agency: N/A    

Based on the popular video game, the film Werewolves Within follows a group of townspeople locked in an old hotel during a snowstorm, and it just so happens there's a werewolf on the loose. The trailer brilliantly blends action, comedy and a bit of whodunit. It's also full of fun editing techniques like swift match cuts and flutter jump cuts that creatively build upon the action and suspense. The werewolves are on the prowl July 2.


Amazon Prime Video    
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group    

The final season of Bosch is upon us, and the new trailer has fans itching with excitement. It sets up what's to come through editorial and great use of expository dialogue, but it's the musical selection, "You Can Run," that energizes this piece. Bosch is back for one final mystery on June 25.


Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen     

Presumed dead following a volcanic eruption, a woman returns to her Icelandic town, and a mystery unfolds around her reappearance in this Netflix series. The trailer's play on fog and natural elements builds the suspense, as does the instrumental musical selection that intensifies along with the plot. See Katla on June 17.

Gossip Girl

HBO Max    
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN    
Poster Agency: BOND

While the voice of Gossip Girl may be familiar, there's a new cast of New York teen elites to meet in this reboot. The teaser cleverly plays on the famous sign-off, XOXO, while mingling with the new crew. Speaking of, check out the colorful character posters. The gossip resumes July 8.


Warner Bros. Pictures
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group
Poster Agency: N/A

Rounding out the week is the mesmerizing trailer for Reminiscence. This action thriller centers around a private investigator of the mind who helps his clients navigate their past. Through expository dialogue and clever editing, the story arc is illustrated, but only enough to intrigue viewers. Aside from the superb editorial, it's the cue and sound design that really construct this wondrous world. The poster does a marvelous job of telling the story through imagery. Plus, this color scheme is unforgettable. See Reminiscence on Aug. 20.

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