From I Care a Lot to Boogie, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, The Lady and the Dale, Flack and more

As we welcome our first female vice president to the White House, entertainment marketing is here to help celebrate with a healthy dose of girl power. Although most of these ladies are not people you'd want to see in high-ranking political positions, it's great to see more and more films highlighting badass female leads ... even if they are sometimes a little evil. 

Between the con women and 19th-century lasses, a young male athlete did sneak in, but it seems even he has a beautiful lady on his mind. We definitely have some contenders to pass the "Bechdel test" in this bunch, so buckle up for some wonderful and wacky female energy as you check out this week's trailers and posters.

I Care a Lot

Trailer Agency: Empire Design
Poster Agency: Empire Design

I Care a Lot finds Rosamund Pike as a shrewd businesswoman with a scheme of seizing her senior citizen wards' assets. This fun and fast-paced trailer introduces us to her nefarious character and adds great dimension by paying special attention to sound effects and uniquely playing with the quote cards' graphic treatment. The simple color-blocked poster is as sleek as Pike's bob. I Care a Lot comes to Netflix on Feb. 19.

The World to Come

Bleeker Street
Trailer Agency: Jump Cut
Poster Agency: The Refinery

A building string score transports us to 19th century New England, where we meet two female neighbors and watch as romance buds between them. The music helps to build the tension of a forbidden romance, and the editorial choices show off the film's rich cinematography and hint at the tempestuous journey to come for the two lovers. The alluring triptych poster finds the couple in the center, embracing as their husbands gaze elsewhere. The World to Come is, well, still to come, as no official release date has yet been set.


Amazon Prime
Trailer Agency: SLAQR

A buzzy club track provides the pulse of this piece for Flack, which stars Anna Paquin as a celebrity publicist dealing with her clients' bad behavior. The trailer invokes the pace of a hard-working publicist and hints at the multifaceted nature of this work. Quick cuts to dance clubs, drinking and drug use create some great "party girl" contrast with scenes of Pacquin's character on the job. Flack comes to Amazon Prime on Jan. 22. 

The Lady and the Dale

Trailer Agency: BOND
Poster Agency: BOND

A new docuseries from HBO Max, The Lady and the Dale, tells the story of Elizabeth Carmichael, a trans woman entrepreneur who in the mid-1970s invented "The Dale," a three-wheeled, fuel-efficient car in response to the U.S. fuel crisis. This trailer introduces this fascinating tale and weaves together enough expository information to set the stage while creating a visually arresting piece, showing off the series' unique animation style and providing plenty of '70s flair. The poster similarly strikes an excellent groovy '70s vibe. The Lady and the Dale comes to HBO Max on Jan. 22. 

The Luminaries

Trailer Agency: Empire Design

Sharp editorial choices produce some excellent storytelling to introduce us to The Luminaries, a new series from Starz that looks to be an epic multi-layered tale of 1860s New Zealand. Using Lawless's "In the Name of Nothing" as a soundtrack, the piece shows-off the show's incredible cinematography and production value and expertly provides just enough story to whet the appetite for what's to come when The Luminaries premieres on Valentines Day. 


Focus Features
Trailer Agency: Wild Card
Poster Agency: Gravillis Inc.

The directorial debut of Fresh off the Boat's Eddie Huang, Boogie tells the story of a young Chinese-American basketball player who dreams of making it to the NBA. Pop Smoke's "Got It on Me" flawlessly serves as the cut's driving beat and is an especially poignant cue selection as Pop Smoke makes his posthumous acting debut in the film. The rhythmic edit strikes an outstanding balance of emotion and action, hinting that this won't be just your average sports film. The striking red poster highlights the film's main character with his golden basketball. Boogie comes to theaters March 5.

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