Hugh Jackman's Brutal Ad for Ryan Reynolds' Gin Brand Probably Won't End Their Feud

A 'truce' that didn't quite go as planned

Ryan Reynolds has brought his Deadpool sensibility to a lot of the marketing for Aviation Gin, a brand in which he bought a stake a year ago (and joined the company's board, and agreed to be its creative director). 

That continues with a new video, posted to Reynolds' social feeds, in which he brings Hugh Jackman into the mix. 

The pair of actors have been feuding in social media for a while, comically so. But the new video suggests they've reached a truce. And as a sign of goodwill, they've agreed to make ads for each other. 

Reynolds made a spot for Jackman's coffee brand, Laughing Man Coffee. And Jackman repaid the favor by doing his own spot for Aviation Gin. But as you can see below, it didn't quite go as planned: 


Ouch. It appears the "feud" will continue. 

As with anything Reynolds puts out on his social feeds, the new video is already getting phenomenal pass-around, sitting currently at No. 3 among YouTube's trending videos. Which of course brings enormous attention to Aviation as well as Laughing Man Coffee. So, in Deadpool-style meta fashion, the truce appears to have worked after all. 

Below, check out Reynolds' most recent video for Aviation Gin, which rolled out in December—and is similarly Deadpool-esque. 

The Process | Aviation American Gin
Tim Nudd
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