HBO Takes Comic-Con Fans Into the Dragon's Den

Our visit to the House of the Dragon

Westeros returned to San Diego Comic-Con as HBO invited Game of Thrones fans inside a fiery Dragon's Den to celebrate the upcoming HBO Max series House of the Dragon, a GOT prequel.

First, check out the series trailer here from GrandSon Creative: 

The agency Giant Spoon created the Dragon's Den at Comic-Con San Diego, transporting guests into a Targaryen-ruled Westeros. The immersive 18-minute experience began in King's Landing, where guests interacted with local merchants, thieves and guards.

Soon, guests were led inside the House Targaryen and guided through a seven-phase experience by a designated Dragonkeeper. 

Guests saw a 17-foot dragon skull, selected a dragon egg, and took it through a ceremonial dragon-hatching.

Charged with protecting the egg through the caverns of Dragonstone to the magnificent Red Keep, fans had to prove they were worthy of a dragon's companionship. 

Then, for the first time, the 13-foot Targaryen-era Iron Throne was revealed in the Throne Room.

Before leaving, attendees were able to hatch their personalized, virtual dragon egg in a new AR app, House of the Dragon: DracARys, enabling them to "raise" their dragon at home. Powered by Niantic Lightship and produced by The Mill, the app began its global rollout on Monday.

The experience included 40 cast members, including actors, combat-trained guards and musicians. Sound sensory elements by Bose accompanied guests throughout the journey, adding to the dimension of the experience. Once again, HBO spared no detail in the world of Westeros. And as usual, they delivered a fiery experience. 

House of the Dragon premieres on HBO Max on Aug. 24.

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