Hasan Minhaj Leads an Office Revolt for Adobe Acrobat

Celebrating 30 years of the PDF

Who wants to watch Hasan Minhaj lead a workplace revolt with cube drones tearing an office apart? We all do, naturally.

Adobe stages this tongue-in-cheek uprising in a raucous minute-long clip promoting Acrobat as it celebrates the 30th birthday of the PDF.

So, grab the nearest baseball bat and prepare to do some damage:

Adobe | I Love You, Acrobat

Looks like they need some existential space. Or maybe they'll be content to work in bleeding-edge paperless fashion, with Adobe Office Suite snugly installed on their desktops. 

Slapping counterculture fave "Make Your Own Kind of Music" on the soundtrack was an intriguing choice. The joyous flower-power anthem provides a canny counterpoint to the tumult on screen.

Long gone are the days when real hippies revered entirely different concepts of revolution and freedom, man. Back then, finding more cost-effective ways to shill for BIg Daddy wasn't so groovy.

Ah well, those tye-dyed types are all fat-cat CEOs and shareholders now. They're not the campaign's target audience, anyway.

An Adobe rep says the work "speaks to entrepreneurs, small businesses and working professionals. These individuals often wear many hats, causing them to be time, resource, and budget constrained. These working professionals navigate personal and business challenges. They're jumping from app to app to get things done, which takes forever, but convincing people to change their habits is the goal. They can do it all with one app: Acrobat."

As for casting Minhaj, "We wanted to add another engaging and re-watchable layer," the rep says. "To reach new audiences, we also wanted to partner with someone who actually used Adobe Acrobat and could tie their passion into a genuinely entertaining and authentic story. We're also just huge, huge fans of his. That's what it really came down to."

The brand's in-house team developed the initiative with production studio Ladybug.

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