From Godzilla vs. Kong to Raya and the Last Dragon, See This Week’s Trailers and Posters

Plus, HBO Max's It's a Sin, the return of FX's Snowfall, and more

It was another exciting week in entertainment marketing that reminded us that even if we're still stuck inside, at least there's a lot of great film and television at our fingertips. I shudder to think what quarantine would be without our TVs.  

We started with what looks to be the cinema mashup of the century, with two Monsterverse legends finally coming head to head. Next, there was plenty of crime to be fought and drugs to be smuggled—and whether it be through the internet or the streets, it never seems to end well, does it? Furthering this point, we got to explore a fictionalized account of the all-too-real opioid crisis. The Brits got their moment to shine as we walked the streets in both Cold War and 1980s London. And if quarantine is beginning to feel a bit like Groundhog's Day, I know two teens who may have some advice. Finally, we got to meet our latest Disney heroine, and it looks like she's traded chasing princes to slaying dragons, and we're all for it.

As you can see, there was lots of exhilarating, fun and mysterious work to catch up on this week. Check out some of the latest trailers and posters.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Warner Bros.
Trailer Agency: Wild Card
Poster Agency: BOND

Two of the world's most famous monsters are finally meeting, and if this trailer is any indication, it's going to be one epic showdown. With great attention to pacing, this piece carefully sets the scene, making the eventual face-off between the two legendary figures all the more satisfying. Chris Classic's "Here We Go" is the perfect high-energy tune to serve as soundtrack to the bombastic action that's in store when these two go head to head. The tension is palpable in the equally epic poster as we see land meet sea. Godzilla vs. Kong will battle it out on March 26.

Silk Road

Trailer Agency: Aspect
Poster Agency: N/A

Silk Road is a new crime thriller inspired by the darknet website's real-life tale that allowed users to buy drugs over the internet. Using a propulsive, beat-heavy music cue, we are introduced to the site's young founder and his tumultuous journey as he and his work become a target of a DEA agent. The rhythmic editorial invokes tension, and internet b-roll and effects add a great online dimension to the piece. The colorful poster finds our two stars lost in code and pixels. Silk Road will be released Feb. 19. 

Tell Me Your Secrets

Amazon Prime
Trailer Agency: The Refinery

A new thriller series from Amazon Prime Video, Tell Me Your Secrets follows a woman trying to start her life over in the witness protection program while being targeted by a mother who believes she was involved in her daughter's disappearance. A ticking beat, coupled with the Chris Avantgarde and Red Rosaond's track "Inside," helps create an ominous atmosphere, and the slick editorial allows us to meet each of the show's main characters while still conjuring quite a bit of mystery.


Trailer Agency: Zealot

Snowfall is returning to FX for its fourth season and follows a young Los Angeles drug lord Franklin as he tries to keep his operation alive while the "war on drugs" rages on. Sharp use of rhythmic sound design and great paced editorial delivers an exciting package to prepare us for the drama to come, as Franklin continues his journey with guns, drugs and gangs. Snowfall returns Feb. 24. 


Quiver Distribution
Trailer Agency: N/A

Crisis is a new thriller exploring the opioid crisis through the lens of three interconnected stories. This trailer introduces us to each of the storylines and then keenly weaves them together to build into an action-packed piece with significant emotional touchpoints that demonstrate these little pills' complicated and devastating nature. Crisis will be released Feb. 26. 

The Courier

Trailer Agency: Grandson
Poster Agency: Leroy and Rose

The Courier is based on the real-life events of a British engineer and businessman, Greville Wynne, who was recruited during the Cold War to be a secret courier, carrying secret information with him on his travels from London to the Soviet Union. Wynne is played here by Benedict Cumberbatch, and this trailer gives us an exciting first look at this fast-paced historical thriller. Excellent sound design paired with some sharp cutting and strategic use of quote cards makes for a riveting piece that leaves you wanting more from this fascinating true-life tale. The striking, tilted-block poster invokes a vintage feel and shows off Cumberbatch's new stache. The Courier will be released March 15.

It's a Sin

Trailer Agency: Create
Poster Agency: N/A

From the creator of Queer as Folk comes It's a Sin, a five-episode series exploring the lives of a group of gay men in London during the 1980s AIDS crisis. The trailer creates a snapshot of the men's journey, highlighting both the ups and downs and using its namesake track, "It's a Sin," by the Pet Shop Boys with some excellent clip selection to create a vibrant and moving piece. The lively poster plays nicely with neon to frame this new crew coming to HBO Max on Feb. 18.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things    

Amazon Prime
Trailer Agency: Tiny Hero
Poster Agency: N/A

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things finds two teenagers stuck in an infinite time loop who make it their mission to find the tiny things that make their one day into a perfect day. A great mix of pop music helps create a lively trailer that skillfully sets up the premise and allows for both humorous and emotional beats. The infinite time loop is in full effect on the trippy poster as our two young lovers clasp hands. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things comes to Amazon on Feb. 12. 

Raya and the Last Dragon

Walt Disney Studios
Trailer Agency: Aspect
Poster Agency: Ten30 Studios

The trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon, the latest from Disney Animation Studios, starts in media res as we watch our young heroine get fooled by a "con baby." It's a fun way to suck us into this enchanting tale before Raya takes the lead and fills us in on her mission to track down the last dragon. Some great editorial choices result in excellent storytelling while also showing off the film's stunning animation and allowing space for plenty of jokes to land. The poster shows Raya ready for battle with her pretty blue sidekick. Raya and the Last Dragon will be released March 3. 

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