From Ghostbusters to King Richard, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, Martin Short and Steve Martin, Paris Hilton in the kitchen and more

This week in entertainment marketing we got to revisit and expand upon some favorite stories and see some familiar faces in a new light.

There's a new generation to call when the ghosts come to town, but perhaps they'll get help in their pursuits from some storied experts in the field. The three amigos are down to two and seem to have traded their sombreros for voice recorders and magnifying glasses, but it sure does feel good to see Martin Short and Steve Martin as a dynamic duo once again.

Paris Hilton is also back, but it looks as if she's not quite ready to trade in her high-fashion duds even when getting messy in the kitchen. Finally, we get to expand upon stories in the worlds of both zombie-killing and tennis-playing and are treated to a new tale that brings us to the wrestling ring. 

All in all, another great mixed bag of fun, adventure and inspiration in the world of entertainment marketing. Below, take a look at this week's notable trailer and poster releases.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Sony Pictures
Trailer Agency: Big Picture

Things build slowly into an epic new piece for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, as it sets the scene before bursting into high-energy supernatural action and adventure. Great storytelling and expository dialogue help introduce us to this new generation of busters, with just a sprinkle of the familiar that hints that the original crew might just make an appearance or two. So pick up the phone because it's time to call the Ghostbusters once again when the film comes to theaters this Thanksgiving.

Only Murders in the Building

Trailer Agency: N/A
Poster Agency: MOCEAN

Comedy powerhouses Martin Short and Steve Martin are reuniting to solve a murder (and make a podcast, because, well, that's what you do these days) in Hulu's new series, Only Murders in the Building. Although an unexpected choice to be rounding out this trio, Selena Gomez seems to be holding her own as she joins their amateur investigative squad. The trailer brings mystery and intrigue with an excellent quick-cut montage as they gather evidence and get their footing on the crime beat. But don't worry, the piece also gives plenty of space for the comedy chops of this duo to shine through. In addition, the colorful poster reminds us of the undeniable charm of Martin and Steve's facial expressions. The show will premiere Aug. 31. 

Cooking with Paris

Trailer Agency: MOCEAN
Poster Agency: Size Matters

Paris Hilton is returning to the reality-show scene, and this time she's ready to show her skills (or if this trailer is any indication, lack thereof) in the kitchen. This lively and surreal trailer doesn't take itself too seriously as we get a taste of what's to come when Paris is behind the burner. A fun vintage opening, plenty of pink graphics, and glimpses of the celebrity guests who will join Paris in her culinary pursuits add up to one amusing package. The poster continues the vintage vibe and explosion of pink with a cookbook-inspired image. See what Paris is cooking up when the show comes to Netflix on Aug. 9.

Army of Thieves

Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group
Poster Agency: P+A

The new teaser for Army of Thieves employs Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" to its full effect. The well-worn epic tune carries us through this Army of the Dead prequel, and while the first half is the same song we know and love, the back end of the piece jarringly cuts out of the music to bring in masterly sound design that fills in the missing beats. By the end of this brief tease, we've gone on a wild ride indeed. The eye-catching poster hints at the code-breaking ahead when Army of Thieves comes to Netflix in the coming months. 


Trailer Agency: The Refinery
Poster Agency: The Refinery

Heels takes us to small-town Georgia, where we meet two brothers who continue their family tradition of being pro-wrestling stars. Chip Taylor's "Heroes" brings a Southern twang and poignant tone to the piece as honed editorial and engaging copy allow us to experience life both in and outside the ring. The moody poster has us looking up at our two protagonists as they get ready to fight. The show comes to STARZ on Aug. 15. 

King Richard

Warner Bros
Trailer Agency: Mob Scene
Poster Agency: GrandSon 

King Richard features Will Smith as Richard Williams, the father of tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams. The movie tells the real-life story of the Williams sisters' upbringing and early tennis training under the guidance and coaching of their undeterred father. This piece incorporates inspiring music cues to cut together a preview of this engaging true-life tale and Smith's powerful performance. The simple poster lets an image of the film's trio speak for itself. Lace-up your tennis shoes for when the film comes to theaters Nov. 19.

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