Fun, Fab and Funky Brand Experiences From N.Y. Comic Con

Where heroes, villains and sidekicks are always welcome

Here are some brand highlights from New York Comic Con, running through Oct. 15 at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center...

Star Trek x Kid Cudi

Star Trek and Kid Cudi partnered for "Boldly Be," a campaign featuring an original song, "Heaven's Galaxy," inspired by the legendary franchise. There's a Fortnite tie-in later this month, "Star Trek X Kid Cudi: Mirror Mayhem," where gamers can boldly go with Captain Skyles (Cudi) on a mission to uncover the source of a sonic anomaly threatening the planet Vada.

There's also a merch line, designed by the Kid, available to Comic Con attendees ahead of an Oct. 16 drop. The varsity jacket is *chef's kiss.

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Death Note the musical?

That's what we said when we saw Playbill's mockup programs for a tuneful live version of the popular manga series. It's already hit stages in Japan and the U.K., and a U.S. run might be in our future. Broadway and horror don't always mix, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that this one sees the light.

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Topps x Garbage Pail Kids x Star Wars

Topps put fans to work, giving them clipboards with 100 Garbage Pail Kids cards, plus a large poster to peruse. Folks spotting at least five matches in 30 seconds were conducted to a conveyor belt to seek out four particular Star Wars cards. Those who succeeded were brought to a vending machine for a chance at prizes. We scored two different sets of Star Wars cards.

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DoorDash had a fun photo booth and backdrop. If attendees immediately shared their pics on social, they were given the chance to spin a wheel of swag. Prizes included bucket hats, branded lip balm, T-shirts, tote bags and water bottles.


Paramount+ presented a Good Burger car, an oversized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skateboard and a large South Park the Streaming Wars installation with scores of memorabilia. These included Cartman's breast implants that attendees could touch. And a thumb drive, hidden by Dr. Kenneth McCormick in an orifice, was on display. Those brave enough could take a whiff, despite warnings to do so "at your own risk." We can't unsmell it.

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You can check out even more colorful scenes from NYCC 2023 below. Click images to enlarge:

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