With Fab Unfrosted Tie-In, Jerry Seinfeld Kills It for Pop-Tarts

With appearances by Jackie Chiles, Schmoopie and the Soup Nazi!

Pop-Tarts President: Tell me, how does it feel when people steal your ideas and then do whatever they want with them?

Jerry Seinfeld: You mean like Friends?

That's one of several boffo bits in Jerry's two-minute Pop-Tarts promo. The digital short ties in with his Netflix film Unfrosted, a fictionalized account of the toaster pastries' rise. 

The spot's premise: P-T execs (portrayed by actors, natch) grill the funnyman about referencing trademarked breakfast products in the flick without permission.

And they vow revenge.

Pop-Tarts President: You see, Mr. Seinfeld, you took something of ours. Now, we're going to take something of yours.

That's when the brand's Tarty mascot reveals three characters from Jerry's classic sitcom—Jackie Chiles, Schmoopie and the Soup Nazi—trapped inside a transparent cube. They're now the "property" of Pop-Tarts. 

Pop-Tarts | Seinfeld

Next, the C-Suiters copy a more recent Seinfeld project, rolling out the woefully unfunny rip-off about chowing down in Pontiacs.

Finally, they replace him at a stand-up gig, with cringeworthy results.

Pop-Tarts President, on stage at a comedy club: Why does Frankenstein wear a sports jacket? It's not a wine tasting. We're terrorizing villagers.

This is a superior celebrity spot, with loads of in-jokes and memorable visuals. Tarty rocks, and Geoff Pierson does his best Bond Villain impression as the corporate president. 

The creative approach makes Pop-Tarts look hip, culturally savvy and riotously self-aware. It does nostalgia and pop culture right.

Jerry wrote the script, sharing development credits with Le Truc and Netflix Marketing Partnerships.

"Unfrosted is the ultimate flattery, and the biggest fan-fiction ever," says Heidi Ray, Pop-Tarts senior director of brand marketing, in press materials. 

"At every level of fandom, Pop-Tarts continues to spark creativity—from the user-generated Edible Mascot memes at the Pop-Tarts Bowl to a homemade recipe from arguably the world's biggest pop star, and now to Jerry Seinfeld's Unfrosted film. We've been at the heart of culture for 60 years, and look forward to inspiring it for many, many more."

Also, fans can win limited-edition Trat-Pops, based on a "typo" that plays into the movie's plot:

In the spot, Phil Morris, Alexandra Wentworth and Larry Thomas reprise their roles of Jackie, Schmoopie and Soupie.


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