Extra! Extra! Liberty Mutual Publishes a Real 'Daily Bugle' in Spider-Man Tie-In

GS&P gets the scoop with Sony Pictures

Fans seeking the scoop on Spider-Man: No Way Home, set for release in theaters next week, can read all about it in ... the Daily Bugle, where else?

Liberty Mutual and Goodby Silverstein & Partners teamed up with Sony Pictures to print 3,000 free copies of the Marvel comics (and now film) franchise's iconic fictional newspaper for distribution from a pop-up newsstand at an undisclosed location on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Bugle headlines describe the mayhem NYC endures in the movie, positioning Liberty Mutual as "the insurance company that can protect what's yours, even if villains from the multiverse strike," per press materials.

Indeed, Liberty's front-page Doug-and-LiMu ad proclaims: "Villains destroy. We protect." Alas, Doug fares poorly in spider-bite commercial tie-ins:

Spider-Man + LiMu Emu & Doug

The back page boasts a tip line for Spidey sightings. As part of the promotion, today's edition of the New York Post will also carry word of the web-slinger on its cover. (Insert your own joke about fake news here.)

"Evolving our advertising for the future requires exploring new ways to engage with consumers," says Liberty Mutual CMO for U.S. retail markets Jenna Lebel. "Spider-Man is a globally recognizable character with a passionate following, and we're excited to see the engagement and results this partnership will drive for our brand."

"Spider-Man: No Way Home has been surrounded by secrets, rumors and tremendous buzz since production began, so it's quite fitting that a real and limited edition of the Daily Bugle will be distributed from one secret newsstand in New York City," adds Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of global partnerships and brand management at Sony.

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