Dana Carvey Gives Commanding Performance as King Charles

Reprising his SNL impersonation for PetSmart

We are not amused! Wait, yes we are.

PetSmart tapped comic royalty to portray King Charles ahead of the monarch's coronation. Reprising his vaunted SNL portrayal from the '90s, Dana Carvey looks righteously regal, topping a throne, draped in medals and nuzzling a cute pooch to tout the brand's pet adoption initiative.

He decrees: "Let's not all run out and buy a bunch of King Charles Spaniels, okay? You remember what happened to Dalmatians when that Dalmatian movie came out? Can we please not f****** do that again!"

Ah, Chuck III, ever the potty-mouth. That neutered F-bomb recalls His Royal Highness' saucy talk about tampons (and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles!) from back in the day.

"With millions of adoptable pets in need of homes, we knew we needed to think big to draw attention to this pressing issue," explains Aimee Gilbreath, president of PetSmart Charities. "There are few moments bigger than the coronation of a new king, and there is an urgent need for people with big love and a little extra space in their homes to adopt a new best friend."

Maximum Effort developed the spot with SixTwentySix Productions. Indeed, it rocks that classic ME vibe: on-point, timely semi-snark delivered by a Hollywood heavyweight and/or cult fave.

"Dogs make our lives better in innumerable and unforgettable ways, so we wanted to take this moment to hopefully make a few of their lives better," says agency co-founder George Dewey. "From the royal King Charles and Corgis to the more common 'not quite sure what they are,' we wish all the doggos the best."

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