From Circus of Books to The Eddy, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, get ready for Tom Hardy as Al Capone

Get ready for a big ole dose of drama because that's precisely what the entertainment marketing world delivered this week. There's a drama for everyone. If you prefer the drama of documentaries, then you'll enjoy a look inside the extreme bravery of leading a cultural movement. If you prefer teenage drama, we've got that covered too.

Maybe your taste is a bit unlawful, and nothing gets you like a mob drama—don't worry, I got you. You may be into more classic drama like a good murder mystery—in that case, we've got two!

Dramedy a bit more your style? How about watching the uncomfortable angst of someone caught in the middle of a prank? Perhaps, you prefer a more stylized musical drama. No worries! We have just the trailer for you.

Whatever your drama of choice, this week's work will give you your fix. Take a look at some of the trailers and posters released this week.

Circus of Books

Trailer Agency: GrandSon 
Poster Agency: Canyon Design Group 

Circus of Books, a documentary based on the famous "bookstore" closeted as a gay porn shop, tells the story of an influential piece of American history. The trailer is stylish in its '80s themed graphics, and the music will have you celebrating with pride from beginning to end. I love the poster design as well, which smartly exposes the themes of the story. Everything about this marketing is on-point and speaks volumes about one of the most important cultural revolutions in American history. Go inside the Circus of Books on April 22.

The Half of It

Trailer Agency: JAX 
Poster Agency: InSync Plus 

The Half of It, a teenage dramedy about falling in love, looks like a new twist on the coming-of-age story, and one modern culture has been waiting for. The trailer blends wit, drama and the awkwardness of teenage years into a heartfelt and moving two-and-a-half minute experience. The poster is cleverly designed, keeping the object of affection out of focus while homing in on the main characters. I also admire the mixed and lowercase fonts. It speaks to adolescence. See The Half of It on May 1.


Vertical Entertainment 
Trailer Agency: N/A  

The trailer for Capone, starring Tom Hardy as the famous mobster Al Capone in his later years, is brilliant in its ability to say so much about the title character while having the character say so little. The shots used in the trailer are a compilation of intense close-up of Hardy's expressions. He only has one, maybe two lines of dialogue in the trailer—yet he's unforgettable. I admire this storytelling because so often, we forget that less is more. See Capone on May 12.

Dead to Me

Trailer Agency: BOND 
Poster Agency: Cold Open 

The new teaser for Dead to Me Season 2 will have fans waiting with bated breath for the early May return. The teaser, which opens with a voiceover, takes us down a rabbit hole of greater mystery and even more humor. The new poster cleverly reengages the pool, only this time they're having a wine party at the bottom, and there's a clever play on their reflections. Dead to Me returns May 8.


Trailer Agency: Zealot

Punk'd has returned, this time on Quibi, and it's hosted by Chance the Rapper. The trailer gives a taste of the bizarre pranks to come. What I treasure most about the trailer, aside from the inevitable laughter, are the fun graphics, which couldn't be more fitting to the subject. Catch new episodes of Punk'd now on Quibi.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story

USA Network 
Trailer Agency: Open Road  

We can never get enough of true-crime stories, and USA Network is revisiting one of the famous murder cases and trials from 1989, the Betty Broderick story. The trailer sets up the drama, and the quick editing cuts increase the intensity with every passing second. I dig the graphics as well, which nicely transform that straight from the headlines feel of true crime. Dig into this mystery on June 2.

The Eddy

Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates   

If you like jazz, you will love the trailer for The Eddy, a new musical drama from Damien Chazelle. The story follows a struggling jazz club owner in modern-day Paris as he fights to keep his club and dreams alive. The trailer is driven by the music from start to finish. The editing is crisp and velvety, but it's the melody that steals the scenes. Visit The Eddy on May 8.

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