Budweiser Salutes John Carpenter and Its Own Connection to Halloween II

A tribute to 'The King of Halloween'

Budweiser in Brazil launched a Halloween campaign this year celebrating one of the all-time great horror-movie auteurs, John Carpenter, and his love for Bud—which he apparently imbibed liberally during the stressful process of writing Halloween II. 

In this clip from the 2003 documentary Halloween: A Cut Above the Rest, the writer/director recalls that torturous scriptwriting process, and the assistance he got from a certain brand of beer during it. 

"I will say that what got me through writing that script was ... Budweiser," Carpenter says. "Six-pack of beer a night, sitting in front of the typewriter saying, 'What in the hell can I put down?' I had no idea. We're remaking the same film, only not as good." 

It's a pretty random endorsement, but agency Africa ran with it—creating a whole spot re-enacting Carpenter's ordeal, with some added chills for color. 

Along with creating the spot, Bud is also hosting a screening of Halloween II this evening at São Paulo's iconic Edifício Copan. But to get a ticket, fans are being asked to visit one of the last remaining video rental stores in the city—and ask for the VHS tape of the movie. 


Title: King of Halloween
Client: AB Inbev
Product: Budweiser
Agency: Africa
CCO: Sergio Gordilho
ECD: Matias Menendez
Creative Directors: Fernando Marar / Rodrigo Barbosa
Creative team: Fillipi Almeida / Denilson Silva
Client Services: Carol Boccia / Heloisa Pupim / Francine Pellacani / Leticia Fiaschi / Mariana Marcao / Vinicius Lopes
Media: Rodrigo Famelli / Antonio Arbex / Bruna Morano / Leonardo Araujo / Fabio Vannucci
Planning:  Jose Lucas / Julia Hodgkiss / Felipe Paku / Sabrina Teixeira
Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari / Tais Olhiara / Karen Nakamura
Production Co.: Boiler Filmes
Director: VIRA-LATA
Assistant Director: Renata Borges 
D.O.P.: Yuri Maranhao
Production Co./Art Director: Camila Kogut
Executive Producers: Gabriel Dagostini / Eduardo Lubiazi / Carolina Cherobim
Production Co./Client Services: Marcela Santos / Luisa Ferreira / Dayane Dantas
Production Coordinator: Stefanie Korb / Carolina Latorre
Film Production: Andrea Tomeleri
Editing: Giordano Maestrelli
Post-production Coordinator: Fezao Barbieri / Rafael Barao
Post-production: Clan VFX
Color Grading: Marla 
Sound Design: Evil Twin Music
Sound Production: Andre Faria / Murilo Faria / Andre Namur / Jimmy Gressler
Sound/Client Services: Juliana Tangary / Juliana Nascimento
Sound Finishing: Andre Namur / Jimmy Gressler
Approved by: Ricardo Dias / Bruna Buas / Alice Alcantara

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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