From Like a Boss to The Politician, See the Trailers and Posters Released This Week

Plus, all you need is Modern Love

This week in Hollywood, we revisited The Overlook Hotel and found it to be as creepy as ever. We got a taste of modern love—both in contemporary and non-contemporary settings. Let's just say, it's complicated. Still, seeing Tina Fey and John Slattery as a struggling married couple was magical. 

The excitement continued as we imagined a world without sight and flew through the sky on a grand adventure. Then, things took a deranged turn as we watched Jessica Biel, Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe drift into madness. Of course, the most frightening thing this week was the trailer for the new political satire, The Politician. Nothing is scarier than the truth laughing back at you. 

Lastly, I'm officially naming Tiffany Haddish the winner of 2019. Like a Boss, she is already rolling into 2020. 

Time to catch up on some of the notable trailers and posters released this week.

Like a Boss

Paramount Pictures
Trailer Agency: Trailer Park
Poster Agency: BLT Communication    

First, I think we can agree Tiffany Haddish has already won 2019, and now she's moving into 2020. The trailer for her newest flick, Like a Boss, looks like a riot. This is how you do comedy trailers. Prepare to have a few LOLs because this one looks hilarious. The key art really sets the tone, too. Get your full laugh on Jan. 10.

Doctor Sleep

Warner Bros.
Trailer Agency: Aspect

The final trailer for Doctor Sleep is here, and the creep factor is sky-rocketing. In this trailer, we get a bit more context to the story and a fun tour through The Overlook. The editing style, with frequent cuts to black, nicely adds to the eeriness and intensity. See Doctor Sleep on Nov. 8.

Modern Love

Amazon Prime Video
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

What the world needs now is love, and thanks to Amazon Prime Video, that's exactly what we're getting. The trailer for the new series Modern Love, based on the popular New York Times column, is here, and with its all-star cast, it'll bring you lots of joy. Obviously, the song choice is perfection. See what Modern Love looks like on Oct. 18. 

The Lighthouse

Trailer Agency: AV Squad
Poster Agency: P+A

The new trailer for The Lighthouse is here, and simply put, it's incredible. The tones of black comedy, the beyond-brilliants cuts throughout, with a grand finale surrounding the title treatment, and of course, the music. The key art also offers a glimpse into eyes grasping for sanity. Bravo to both! See The Lighthouse on Oct. 18. 

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Trailer Agency: Zealot    
Poster Agency: N/A

The trailer for Portrait of a Lady on Fire is beautiful and seductive. Besides the striking editing which allows the story to unfold before your eyes, the best part of this trailer is the incredible music selection, which demands passion and drives intensity. The key art is literal and powerful. See Portrait of a Lady on Fire on Dec. 6. 


Facebook Watch
Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones
Poster Agency: N/A

The trailer for Limetown, the hit podcast turned Facebook Watch series, looks like one you won't want to miss. The trailer raises the question: How do 326 people go missing without anyone noticing? You may lose your mind trying to figure out this jigsaw-like trailer, which nicely mimics a dream state, and the key art matches. Kudos on the musical selection, the oldie "Dream a Little Dream of Me," which makes this mystery all the more haunting. The series premieres Oct. 16.


Apple TV+
Trailer Agency: N/A

The visually stunning trailer for See is here, and good luck taking your eyes off it. The cinematography is magnificent, especially for a show about a futuristic world where humans have lost the ability to see. Now, a community must band together and protect their own following the birth of twins born with the magical gift of vision. The world will See again on Nov. 1. 

The Aeronauts

Amazon Prime Video
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN

You know a good adventure trailer when you see one because it leaves you with a feeling of excitement. The trailer for The Aeronauts does just that. The Amazon Prime Video film will soar into theaters Dec. 6 and be streamable on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 20. Choose your own adventure.

The Politician

Trailer Agency: Trailer Park
Poster Agency: P+A
Poster Agency: LA    

Just when you think this trailer can't get any wilder, it does. Then it does it again! The trailer for The Politician is fast, outrageous and filled with surprises. Also, the key art is fabulous, while remaining politically savvy. Vote for The Politician on Sept. 27. 

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