Big Bird, Elmo and Their Friends Support Kids' Mental Health

With Wes, Abby, Elijah, Granny Bird and more

It's been a big year for the Sesame Street gang popping up in ads. So far, Cookie Monster tried Califia Farms almond milk, Oscar the Grouch flew United Airlines and the Count scared up buzz for NerdWallet.

All of these outings offer amusing antics and feel true to the Muppets' classic and much beloved characterizations.

That said, this colorful fabric-and-foam-rubber crew excels best when sticking to their enduring mission of helping kids. Muppet equity is through the roof in this regard, and watching them express love and concern for youngsters and families, especially in song, feels oh-so right.

Which brings us to their appearance in a new Ad Council "Sound It Out" PSA timed to Mental Health Awareness Month

Elmo and his dad Louie; Wes and his dad Elijah; Big Bird with Granny Bird; plus Abby and her mom Maggie perform an original track, "Me & My Grown-Up." It's all about nurturing little ones and letting them know you'll help if they feel confused, frightened or sad.

"You're my grown-up and I know you're there.
   I'm your grow-up and you know I care.
'Cuz it's you and me and me and you...
   So when you are OK or not OK, I'll take care of you."

It's tough to imagine a simpler, more direct way of putting the message in perspective. And it's surely comforting for kids to hear expressions of compassion and love, especially when they're "not OK," owning to stress, depression and anxiety.

"We hold a vision of a world in which all children can flourish and feel the joyfulness of life," says Sherrie Westin, president of Sesame Workshop, which produces Sesame Street and developed the campaign. "Through the power of our beloved characters and proven resources, we're raising awareness about the importance of nurturing children's emotional well-being and lessening the stigma associated with seeking support for children’s mental health."

Sesame Workshop also created a 45-minute special, "Elmo's Mindfulness Spectacular," featuring Juanpa Zurita, Jenny Slate, the Fitness Marshall, Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) and Marques Brownlee:

And here are two more videos tackling similar themes:

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