'Any A**hole Can Direct Commercials.' Jay Larson Joins the Club

His famous pals give advice

Add commercial director to actor/comedian Jay Larson's resume.

To celebrate his signing with Supply&Demand, Larson engaged some famous friends to join him in a nearly 8-minute film he made about... commercial directing. Just don't call it a spec spot!

Joel McHale, Kumail Nanjiani, Blake Griffin, Neal Brennan, Johnny Knoxville and Helen Hong star in "Any Asshole."

"Any asshole can direct commercials," Brennan advises. It turns out Griffin has a sensitive side—and it's a hoot to watch Knoxville trying on kimonos.

Will Jay ever learn anything about making ads?

"The short is about the way in which I became a commercial director and how I did that with S&D," says Larson. "But really it's about believing in yourself, not taking no for an answer and how at the end of the day any asshole can do anything."

The video is running on YouTube and Larson's social media pages.

"I had wanted to get into commercials since for years," Larson tells Muse. "I had written for brands, shot fake commercials for sketch shows but breaking into the commercial game as a director is tough. So I figured why don't I show people the way in which I went about trying to do it. And then the short just made sense."

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