From Antlers to The Rise of Skywalker, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Including the full trailer for Season 3 of The Crown

Welcome back for another week of what's happening in Hollywood. Well, you haven't missed much—just a few sex scandals, a failed marriage, and the entrance into a dystopian universe. Sounds like any other day, huh?

But wait, there's more! There was a father turned monster. There were Jedis and Stormtroopers, and perhaps the last trailer we'll ever see Carrie Fisher in. May she rest in peace. 

Then, Claire Foy transformed into Olivia Coleman. How's that for special effects? We also met a new superhero/killer. Then we reminisced about breakups we thought were world-shattering, only to discover a new self. Then, the cherry on top, the ladies of the L-Word returned to Tinseltown.

It was another wild week for the books, folks. Get ready to put some excitement into your morning read session. 

Here are some of the notable trailers and posters released this week.


Fox Searchlight    
Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones

The absence of dialogue in the Antlers trailer is the key to its ingenuity. The lack of voices makes you feel alone and secluded, which seems to be a theme of the story. I couldn't stop watching, and I was frightened the entire time. And the sound design was right on target, adding effective eerieness to the silence. See Antlers in 2020. 


Trailer Agency: Workshop Creative     
Poster Agency: BOND    

Bombshell is shaping up to be an awards contender, and the trailer furthers the point. What happens when the news becomes the story? That question is the theme of the trailer covering the Fox News sexual harassment scandal. What really seals the deal on the trailer is the use of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," especially since the trailer heavily focuses on Roger Ailes himself. The key art does a great job of dissecting the character conflict and navigating the opposing lanes of broadcast journalism. Bombshell drops this December. 

Marriage Story

Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions    
Poster Agency: BLT Communications

The new trailer for Marriage Story combines the brilliant monologues from the his-and-her trailers released previously, but then it goes deeper into the ugliness of divorce. It's powerful. Heartbreaking. Relatable. And the Paul McCartney song "Maybe I'm Amazed" sends the audience's emotional levels right over the edge. See Marriage Story in theaters Nov. 6 and on Netflix Dec. 6.

The Feed

Amazon Prime Video    
Trailer Agency: BLT Communications

The trailer for The Feed is something of a dystopian nightmare. The opening voiceover invites us into a seemingly perfect world that suddenly turns dark. The juxtaposition of the two worlds is well delivered and evokes fear, knowing our society's reliance on technology. The sound design is on point and produces heightened intensity. The Feed begins Nov. 22.


Sony Pictures    
Trailer Agency: Giaronomo    

The trailer for Bloodshot is a visual stunner. The trailer and story center around the idea of toying with memories and is fittingly scored to Johnny Cash's rendition of "Memories Are Made of This." The trailer is well cut, delivering story and action, but also raises enough questions to keep audiences curious about what's to come. See Bloodshot on Feb. 21. 

The L Word: Generation Q 

Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions    

The beloved series that broke many boundaries in the LGBTQ community is back, and the trailer looks bright, sunny and more colorful than ever. Cast favorites return, and new characters are introduced. This show is arriving back on the scene at a perfect time in culture. The L Word: Generation Q premieres Dec. 8.


Universal Pictures    
Trailer Agency: Open Road    
Poster Agency: Concept Arts    

Dr. Dolittle is back, but it's not the riotous comedy we remember. This rendition of the man gifted with the ability to speak to animals is based on classic literature, and it looks like there's a grand adventure in store for audiences. The trailer does an incredible job of reintroducing the beloved IP in a fresh and inventive way. The acting chops of Robert Downey Jr. also help. Kudos on the song choice. "What a Wonderful World" may seem like an obvious choice, but it fits this imaginative tale, and Reuben and the Dark's haunting cover breathes new life into the character and story. See Dolittle on Jan. 17.


Trailer Agency:  Ignition    
Poster Agency: Ignition

Dollface looks like an out-of-the-box comedy that will have folks of all generations laughing. The trailer is clever with its edits and will keep you laughing throughout. I also love the brick wall title cards. Very suitable for a series about having a breakthrough. The key art creatively matches the tone of the series. Rediscover yourself with Dollface on Nov. 15.

The Crown

Trailer Agency: Create Advertising London    
Poster Agency: The Refinery    

The Crown returns for Season 3, and as the score for the new trailer reminds us, "The Times They Are A-Changin'." Academy Award winner Olivia Coleman takes over the crown for Claire Foy as we move into the next era of Queen Elizabeth's life. The trailer has fabulous sound design and builds anticipation for the next chapter. Check out the fresh key art. That's a royal portrait if I ever saw one. The Crown returns Nov. 17. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Disney Studios    
Trailer Agency: The Hive (Disney in-house)    
Poster Agencies: LA & Art Machine    

The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has arrived, and it had fans around the globe cheering it on. This trailer goes deeper into the story, but also poetically says farewell to characters that fans have come to love. Some we've been loving for decades. While this saga is coming to an end, the Force will live on. The character key art does a lovely job of honoring the beloved characters as well. Discover the ending to this epic saga on Dec. 20.

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