Andre Braugher 'Obviously' Shines for Virgin Plus

We're not sure he's a teenager, though

Do you want to watch Andre Braugher hanging out by high-school lockers with teens, rocking nerdy threads, and Shatner-enunciating, "obvs"?

Obviously, yes, you do. His comic turn will make your day.

And that scene is just one highlight of the acclaimed actor's performance in fresh work touting Virgin Plus 5G. He's a real hoot, also portraying a white-wigged barrister, Sherlock Holmes (probably), Einstein (possibly), an optometrist, a pig farmer—and a boy-band singer who uncorks the goofiest mic drop of all time.

Virgin Plus | Obviously

Notions of Virgin as the "obvious" 5G choice—that's the set-up for each quickie segment—could've fallen completely flat. But Braugher sells the silly so darn hard. He's in on the joke, yet completely earnest. The quick pacing and self-aware tone score, too. This one goes to the head of the class.

"We wanted something that was clean and bold with enough flexibility to stand out in the telco space," explains Stephanie Yung, chief design office at Zulu Alpha Kilo, which developed the Canadian campaign, striving to "strike a balance between approachability and authenticity to the Virgin Plus brand."

Quebec comedian Antoine Vézina and radio host/influencer Patrick Chen (aka "Tarzan") will also appear in the campaign.

They might be feeling a tad nervous right about now. Because Andre just broke the grading curve. (No pressure!)

Also, Braugher gets up close and personal for OOH elements:


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